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"Watching the pot come to a boil": Russia and Venezuela on their knees with oil prices plunging

It is interesting to note, that during what many call the war of "Gog and Magog" Russia, along with a coalition of middle eastern nations, Iran and Turkey to name two, will attack Jerusalem to "take a spoil".  It has also come to the world's attention that Israel is sitting on probably the largest amount of natural gas that the world knows, some 10 trillion cubic feet. Russia is the largest provider of natural gas for all of Europe. So now we can see a potential motive for an attack as Ezekiel 38 says:
"To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land."

Executive Amnesty: Will We Allow One Man to Fundamentally Transform America?


After six years of putting up with his eldest son actively working with those crazy racist white folks in the Tea Party against the first black president, my 86 year old black dad has finally begun to understand why.
A lifelong Democrat, dad contributed to the GOP shocking victory in Maryland by voting Republican in the 2014 midterm. It has taken me six years to convince Dad that Conservatism is much better for everyone than Liberalism. Dad is old school with basic beliefs. Democrats are for the working class little guy. Republicans are for the rich. Oh, and Republicans are also racists.
So, you can imagine the challenges I faced trying to re-educate him. Dad believed the Tea Party was racist because he heard it on CNN. I said, “Dad, I travel the country on the Tea Party Express tour bus. And, they allow me to sit upfront. However, I prefer riding in the back because there is a large TV back there and I can watch all the football games.” Dad chuckled.
I know what you are thinking. Lloyd, why haven’t you turned your dad on to Fox News? I have tried. I do not know why he rejects Fox and conservative talk radio. Still, I am working on it folks. I am working on it.
With the biased MSM as his main news source, Dad is a low-info voter. I have been working on Dad, educating him one issue at a time. Dad is a good guy, warm and compassionate. I am trying to get him to use his common sense and instincts for right and wrong rather than getting caught up in the Democrats’ and MSM emotional manipulative spin on issues.
We chatted about illegal immigration. Dad has been a Christian pastor for over 50 years. He is still the pastor of four churches; driving several miles to visit the sick and shut-ins.
Dad, remember when mom used to get annoyed at people who used you and your church?” Dad chuckled. I do not recall Dad ever turning away anyone in need.
Mom was frustrated with people who did not want to contribute in anyway to Dad’s ministry; never attending a single service or listening to a sermon. All they were interested in was the freebies available at the church; food, clothing and so on. They wanted Rev. “My-cus-sin” (Marcus), never did get his name right, to perform their weddings and funerals for free. They expected Dad to show up at their homes or hospitals in the middle of the night in times of crisis, despite never setting one foot in Dad’s church. Still, Dad faithfully did it all. He was functioning on a higher level; God’s Love.
I told Dad that the illegals flooding across our borders have the same we’re-just-here-to-take mindset that frustrated mom. They do not want to assimilate. Heck, they could not give a rat’s derriere about what it means to be an American. Illegals proudly fly their Mexican flag and are offended when our kids wear American flag t-shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo. Illegals receive entitlements that are unavailable to U.S. Citizens. They have no desire, nor is there a pressing need for them to learn English.
While liberals claim that poor humble illegals are quaking in their boots “hiding in the shadows”, illegals are boldly and arrogantly protesting in our streets, demanding entitlements and that they not be deported. Illegals claim a moral right to be in our country, while blatantly breaking and ignoring our laws.
The spin promoted from the bully pulpits of the MSM and White House is anyone who does not turn a blind eye to illegals breaking our laws, making demands and abusing our system is a hardhearted racist.
Meanwhile, a mysterious polio-like illness has paralyzed 75 kids across America. A rare Enterovirus D68 is causing an outbreak across 45 states sickening nearly 700, mostly children. Illegal alien minors are also spreading dengue fever, swine flu, tuberculosis and possibly Ebola. Obama’s open border policy has delivered over 300,000 illegals, 75,000 of them are children who directly entered schools across America without proper examinations and so on.
It has been exposed that many of the illegals are gang members and drug dealers.
As inconceivable as this is to imagine, it does appear that one man, exploiting the historical aspect of his presidency to break the law at will, may be allowed to fundamentally transform America. Obama via executive order unilaterally imposed amnesty for 5 million illegals, plus the 75,000 children who invaded our country and their parents.
If Republicans do not stop Obama’s insanity, one characterless out-of-control arrogant evil liar will fundamentally transform America. That is totally unacceptable.
Years ago, I wrote a satirical article to illustrate illegal immigration and how we are expected to deal with it. I was shocked that many people thought my fictional scenario was true. Their reaction spoke to how crazy, brain dead and emotion driven the topic of illegal immigration has become and what people think of our government.
In my fictional parable, I came home to discover that a family had taken up residency in my backyard storage shed. Displaying remarkable arrogance and a sense of entitlement the squatters refused to leave arguing that they were simply seeking a better life. Their TV, computers and etc were powered with an electrical cord plugged into the exterior outlet of my home.
Infuriated, I asked the police and City Hall to remove the trespassers from my property. Upon local government discovering the race of my invaders, I was accused of being selfish, cruel and using the law to hide my hateful racism. Suddenly, I began witnessing a migration of my trespassers’ relatives and friends into my backyard; littering my property with tents, makeshift shelters and old vehicles.
The city cited me for numerous code violations which included all the dangerous electric cords and bizarre hook-ups into my electrical power source. I was ordered to immediately upgrade my electrical power to meet the needs of my current and potential new residents.
From that point in my imaginary tale, the pandering to my trespassers by my local government got even more outrageous. You get the idea. Folks, this is exactly what is happening in our national home, America. Illegals are showing up and making outrageous demands. The Obama Administration is siding with them. The reality of the situation is just that simple.
Imagine, “Jeopardy” game show host Alex Trebek saying, “The lawless man who fundamentally transformed America.” If we do not politically stop him, the correct Final Jeopardy question will be, “Who is Barack Hussein Obama?”
Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

Turkey’s President Talking Like a Caliph


Barack Obama isn’t the only president who uses the politics of division. In addition to giving western nations yet another reason to kick Turkey out of NATO, that country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sounding more like a Caliph. 
While giving a speech in Istanbul, Erdogan called for the consolidation of Muslim countries against the west.
Erdogan’s speech also included a significant amount of hypocrisy:
“Foreigners” are unable to solve the problems of the Middle East because Western states “don’t like us” and are more interested in just following the cash, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Nov. 27.
“Only we can solve our problems. I speak openly; foreigners love oil, gold, diamonds, and the cheap labor force of the Islamic world. They like the conflicts, fights and quarrels of the Middle East. Believe me, they don’t like us,” said Erdoğan during an address to the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) in Istanbul.
“They look like friends, but they want us dead, they like seeing our children die. How long will we stand that fact?” he added.
Erdoğan said Middle Eastern countries could solve their problems by themselves without any help from the West.
“The only condition to overcome the crisis in the Islamic world is unity, solidarity and alliance. Believe me, we can resolve every problem as long as we are united. Islamic countries, which have developed economically recently, have been experiencing the biggest humanitarian and political crisis in their history simultaneously,” the Turkish president said.
“If we act together, we will end the loneliness of Palestine which has continued for nearly one century … It is possible to end the bloodshed in Iraq and killing of Syrian children if we unite,” he said.
All this from a president who refuses to do anything about ISIS, the most savage band of brothers in modern history. Speaking of ISIS, it continues to spread all over northern Africa. As has reported, this all serves Turkey’s interests in a new Caliphate.
Erdogan’s call for Muslim unity is not just about pitting Muslims against the west. It’s also about undermining ISIS as the legitimate Caliphate. Erdogan is using ISIS to continue the work that NATO has done in places like Libya during the ‘Arab Spring’ but he will not accept an ISIS Caliphate.
However, he would be all too happy to subjugate ISIS to an Ottoman Caliphate. His call for Muslims to unite ever so subtly undermines Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is playing Caliphate small ball.
As to Erdogan bemoaning ‘foreigners’ loving oil, gold and diamonds… Have you seen his residence?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

It’s the End for Iraqi Christians

Canon Andrew White says British Christians must wake up to the horrors facing fellow believers in the Middle East (Jeremy Young)

Canon Andrew White, the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’, has been ordered home against his wishes with a £36m Isis bounty on his head. He is terrified for the flock he has left behind

'I Saw an Angel,' R&B Artist's Violent Wake-Up Call

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation Speech

The text of the proclamation is below for those who may want to remind others that Thanksgiving really wasn't intended to be an excuse to eat turkey and go to the mall and that, "Blessed is the nation, whose God is the Lord" (Psalm 33:12)







Okay, guilty, I was yelling a little there at the end. 

But seriously, when will enough be enough? I hope this Holiday weekend we all have some time to not just pray and reflect, (as incredibly important as they are) but to talk to our loved ones and friends and make sure they all understand the threat we are under. 


Monday, November 24, 2014

'This is wrong!' Mother of Michael Brown Collapses Outside Ferguson Police Station

  • At an 8:30pm CT press conference in Missouri on Monday night it was announced that Wilson will not face trial over the teen's death
  • Ferguson officer Darren Wilson shot dead unarmed black teenager Michael Brown on August 9
  • Brown's family issued a statement saying they were 'profoundly disappointed' with the decisions, while calling for peaceful protests 
  • Authorities braced for riots following months of unrest in the St Louis suburb
  • The U.S. Attorney General has urged police to show restraint in dealing with protests  
  • It emerged on Monday that Wilson had married a fellow Ferguson officer in October; he is reportedly negotiating his resignation with police officials
  • Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency; FBI agents and National Guard on hand 
  •  Ferguson schools closed on Tuesday amid fears of unrest on the streets

Video: Islam’s War on Christianity

The real imperialism in the world today.
The jihad's plans to crush half of the Old World under its heel.
The Jews and the Christians and the Hindus (and in this version the Shia) will be exterminated.
And then, when the world is violently cleansed of all dissent, a glorious utopian heaven will dawn.
Image circulating on jihadi social networks as at 2013. See here.(Source)

On this week’s edition of The Watchman, we highlight the severe persecution of Christians in Muslim lands. Author Michael Coren joins us to discuss his new book, “Hatred: Islam’s War on Christianity.”

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Exclusive: Cornered but unbound by nuclear pact, Israel reconsiders military action against Iran


ILLUMINATI PLANS IN AMERICA 2015: "Welcome to the New World Order"

News stories today rarely connect dots. But there are dots to be connected. For example, some of the biggest news stories currently are of course Obama's lawlessness, mass immigration, Ferguson, Ebola, ISIS, Israel and Russia. Few report on how all of these are connected in one way or another.  This is why I like Jason A's compilation videos, he does connect some dots, and has his pulse on something that is never reported on in the mainstream media; the push for a one world government by the Elite, America's growing Police State and the spiritual component behind most if not all of this which is the rise and  manifestation of demonic power that we are now witnessing across this nation. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

3-Star General Who Helped Lead War On Terror: We’ve Lost the Wars In Iraq and Afghanistan


3-star General Daniel Bolger helped to lead the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The first sentence of his new book - Why We Lost: A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars – starts:
I am a United Sates Army general, and I lost the Global War on Terrorism. It’s like Alcoholics Anonymous; step one is admitting you have a problem. Well, I have a problem. So do my peers. And thanks to our problem, now all of America has a problem, to wit: two lost campaigns and a war gone awry.
Yahoo News notes:
Having studied military history, he says he should have known that a U.S.-led counterinsurgency in a country like Afghanistan could never work.
Now, with the rise of the Islamic State, there’s a growing choir urging the U.S. military to lead yet another ground war in Iraq.
“That would be four times biting that poison apple: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and then Iraq again,” he said.
General Bolger is right.

The U.S. previously carried out regime change in Iraq in 1963 and Afghanistan in the 1970s.
Empire after empire has broken its back trying to control Afghanistan.   “One more surge” won’t do the trick.

War has bankrupted empires for 2,500 years
America is no different. Especially when countries go into debt to finance the war … instead of paying for it out of current finances.

America has fallen into the same trap … and is digging an ever-deeper hole.

Shock As Republican-controlled House Committee Absolves Obama In Benghazi Coverup

Democrats and Republicans, two peas in the same pod? Yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  We've known this all along, and now this truth will become easier and easier to discern as the contrasts between the two parties grow less and less. 
And the NWO rolls right along...W.E.

H/T Nena S. (Thank you for all you do!)

What difference does it make anyway?

If you were expecting big things from the Republican landslide in November, don’t hold your breath. Instead of holding Obama accountable for one of the biggest cover-ups in American history, Republicans just gave him a free pass. And their promise to “defund and reverse Obamacare”? I think you now know what [how] that is going to play out.
The Republicans are just as much liars and cheats as are the Democrats. Nothing is going to change, but it certainly will get worse. Hillary was right when she said “what difference does it make, anyway?” Obviously, it makes no difference at all.
WASHINGTON (AP) — The CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, a Republican-controlled House committee has found. Its report asserted no wrongdoing by Obama administration officials.  
Debunking a series of persistent allegations hinting at dark conspiracies, the two-year investigation of the politically charged incident determined that there was no intelligence failure, no delay in sending a CIA rescue team, no missed opportunity for a military rescue, and no evidence the CIA was covertly shipping arms from Libya to Syria.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, intelligence about who carried it out and why was contradictory, the report found. That led Susan Rice, then U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, to inaccurately assert that the attack had evolved from a protest, when in fact there had been no protest. But it was intelligence analysts, not political appointees, who made the wrong call, the committee found. The report did not conclude that Rice or any other government official acted in bad faith or intentionally misled the American people.
Read the rest of the story on WTOP…

The Future Of Relationships? Soon Millions Of Men Will Be Having Sex With Life-Like Female Robots

A "brave new world (order)" or does the depravity of man simply know no bounds?


If men had a choice between real women and female robots that were almost “virtually indistinguishable” from real women, which would they choose?   

Friday, November 21, 2014

First American Dictator

Most of America is unaware what just happened. 
That being what our Traitor-in-Chief has now done to the U.S. Constitution, and it doesn't look like Boehner of McConnell are going to be much help in stopping the overthrow of our government, although expect the harsh rhetoric from the right to continue like always, to make their base happy.  
It's really now up to us.  When I say "us" I don't mean the majority of America.  No, the majority of America is currently preoccupied and busy in their own world dealing with their own personal problems to even notice that their own problems just got a lot bigger. I'm talking about those that are awake and watching. Those who have seen what Obama has done to our Constitution, to our military, to our economy, to our allies, to our healthcare, to our borders, to the office of the Presidency the past six years and have been busy speaking out and trying to wake fellow Americans to the coup d'état currently underway.  If we really care about the nation our children and grandchildren will live in we must dig our boots in even deeper. We must push back like never before. We must not give up, lose heart of step back.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

'Constitutional Crisis': Obama Not Bluffing on Amnesty


Rep. Steve King warns: 'This is going to be the promise he actually keeps'

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, says the unconstitutional granting of amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants is one promise President Obama actually intends to keep, and he says the Republican Congress must be ready to do what it takes to stop it from happening.
The day after major Republican wins in the midterm elections, Obama reiterated his vow to act alone on immigration policy. On Wednesday, he told the nation he would announce a major immigration executive action in a prime-time speech Thursday at 8 p.m. EST.  While not detailing what his executive orders would entail, reports have indicated that the centerpiece of Obama’s initiative would grant legal status and issue work permits to the parents of U.S. citizens and children already legalized in some way. Estimates suggest that would legalize anywhere from 4.5 to 6 million illegal immigrants.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nazis Demand Jews' Addresses ...Chilling Memories of...1930s

The echoes of the terror that was unleashed on Jews after Hitler came to power in 1933 is not lost on Jews everywhere in Germany because the Holocaust of six million began with the registration of where they lived
h/t Berit Kjos

A neo-Nazi party has demanded to know where all Jews in the city of Dortmund live in a chilling echo of the build-up to the Holocaust.
Die Rechte – The Right – wrote to mayor Ullrich Sierau through one of its councillors, Dennis Giemsch, seeking to know how many Jews live in and around the town, and their addresses.
He asked that the information be supplied at a meeting of the council in the town hall on Wednesday night. 
The demand was refused and the letter has been passed to the interior ministry of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is looking at ways to legally ban the party.
Full-time computer student Giemsch said the information was 'relevant for our political work'. Die Rechte is the smallest of the far-right groups in the country but its numbers are growing, particularly among the young. 

The echoes of the terror that was unleashed on Jews after Hitler came to power in 1933 is not lost on Jews everywhere in Germany because the Holocaust of six million began with their registration, their numbers and where they lived.
Die Rechte has been under the watchful eye of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the domestic intelligence service, since it was founded two years ago from the rump of an old neo-Nazi party. 
It is the smallest of the far-right groups in the country but its numbers are growing, particularly among the young.
In the party programme it swears to protect the 'German identity,' ban English words in advertising, 'protect' German culture, limit immigration, kick out foreigners convicted of crimes, support 'German' families to have 'German' children, widen police powers of arrest and protect animals.
Most of their manifesto can be found in a similar form from that of Hitler's National Socialists back in the 1920's.
Jewish people in Dortmund have reacted with alarm to the demand of the party to know where they reside and how many of them there are. 
One told a local newspaper: 'This is how it all began before. I don't think it will come to that again but such things evoke terrible memories. I hope this will be used by the authorities as a building block in future legislation to ban them.'