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Half-a-Million People Gather in the Streets of Ukraine to Praise the Name of Jesus


The streets of Kiev filled with songs of praise and thanks as 500,000 evangelical, Ukrainian Christians gathered to celebrated the 500th anniversary of the protestant reformation.

"Many traveled from all four provinces there just to be a part of that celebration, to thank God for the freedom to worship, to thank God for the freedom to preach the Gospel in their country, and to celebrate God's faithfulness," Sergey Rakhuba with Mission Eurasia told Mission Network News.

#СвятоПодяки Київ Р500
Так Хто Зібрав 160.000 (сто шістдесят тисяч) Майдан в Києві 17 вересня?
Сегодня, 17 сентября в Киеве Евангельские верующие возносили молитвы с благодарностью Бога за благословенную Украину!
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The gathering came after Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko signed an order recognizing the anniversary of the reformation.

 "It was so exciting to see on the screen of my computer where I was watching young people with so much joy. They glorify God in the midst of t…

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