Obama To Address National Council of La Raza

The definition of consorting with the enemy: habitually associate with (someone), typically with the disapproval of others. Obama is constantly associating with those who hold our culture, our form of government and our American values in contempt.  One wonders who’s side he is on and when his actions become treason?
The White House has confirmed that President Barack Obama will speak at the 2011 NCLR (National Council of La Raza) Annual Conference, NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía announced today. The NCLR Annual Conference and National Latino Family Expo, the single largest national Latino event of the year, will be held in Washington, D.C., July 23–26, at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. More than 25,000 participants are expected to attend the four-day event. continues

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