PayPal blacklists Christian writer

"Relax," says a PayPal website. "Pay friends & family in seconds with PayPal." After all, it's the "easy way to send money in seconds." No checks, no ATMs, no envelopes and stamps, just click the button on your computer.
That is, of course, unless you and your friends teach the biblical perspective that homosexuality is not acceptable for Christians and is a sin.
Then you get a note from the money-transfer giant that you are being investigated. Another note follows shortly later that your account is being closed and PayPal will hold the money for 180 days, and then return it to you. But you don't have any access to it any longer.
"PayPal says that it does not allow the use of its service for activities that promote hatred, violence or racial intolerance, but its action against my account was spurred by a hate campaign by gay activists wanting to shut down my account," Severo told WND. "I am very worried, because PayPal caved in to gay militants and their hate campaign to have me excluded from PayPal." CONTINUE

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