Katla Volcano – Birth Pains, Nuclear Winter?


This month marks the second anniversary of the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull that left millions stranded across Europe, and cost airlines an estimated €150 million a day for six days. But alarmingly, there are signs of high activity beneath the much larger, neighbouring Katla caldera in Iceland – a possible sign of an impending eruption. This should prompt extensive high-level contingency planning across Europe, as Katla has the potential to be much more damaging than Eyjafjallajökull.
Since Iceland was settled in the ninth century, Katla has erupted on average every 60 years, but has not had a significant eruption since 1918. Ominously, eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in 1821-23 and 1612 were followed within months by eruptions of Katla. Judged by the historical calendar, an eruption is overdue. 
Iceland volcano: and you thought the last eruption was bad… – Telegraph

I have been following the Icelandic volcano activity ever since the Eyjafjallajökull volcano closed the air space over Northern Europe for six days in April of 2010.

As the article above states, Katla is the evil twin and if she erupts it could be devastating, as Katla’s eruption in 1918 produced five times as much ash as the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull.  So why am I posting this story today?  Glad you asked.  Last night a 8.6 earthquake struck off Indonesia.  The 7.0 temblor has become the “new-norm,” and 8.0 quakes and higher, are becoming more frequent.   I believe that these earthquakes in diverse places, famines, pestilence, and volcanic activity, that seem to be growing both in intensity and frequency, are the sign that we are in the birth pains that Yashua/Jesus warns us will precede His second coming.
In The Cosmic Chess Match, I propose that the Fallen One has the ability to create earthquakes, tornado’s, great storms and wanton destruction.  Is it possible that the earthquakes and volcanic activity have their roots in the supernatural?  When we read the book of Job we see that Fallen One is able to do all of this and more as he even sends, “fire from heaven,” which is then confused by Job’s servant, as being fire sent from the Most High God.  Is it possible that we are seeing the handiwork of the Fallen One?  Is his time fast approaching?  Are we in the days that Jesus warned us about?
I believe that the increase of weird weather patterns, including record drought in one part of the planet, followed by abnormally high rainfall and flooding in another part, may have a supernatural component to it.  Add to that the earthquakes and the volcanic activity and it seems to fit the warning that Jesus gives us.  Is there a natural explanation to this?  Sure, as scientist will point out that all of this has happened before.  I would agree with the exception that these events are all happening together and in with greater severity, just like Jesus said they would.
If Katla blows it could create an ash cloud that could create what is known as a nuclear winter.  Here’s the last sentence from the article which states:
A precedent for that would be the 1783-84 eruption from the fissure of Laki, which is part of the same volcanic system, Grímsvötn, that erupted last year. This was a very large eruption of 15 cubic kilometres (3.6 cubic miles), compared to the fraction of a cubic kilometre ejected in 2010, and had a huge impact on the northern hemisphere, reducing temperatures by up to 3 C. This had catastrophic effects far beyond the shores of Iceland (where at least a fifth of the population died), with thousands of recorded deaths in Britain due to poisoning and extreme cold, and record low rainfall in North Africa.
In closing todays post:  If Katla erupts it will affect the commodities, as grain, fruits and vegetables, will not be able to ripen due to the lack of sunlight dampened by the volcanic ash cloud.  Please remember that the Arab Spring was touched off by a man who set himself on fire because food prices went up and he was no longer able to feed his family.  I believe that we should prepare for this kind of catastrophe by stockpiling both food and water.  It’s happened before and with volcanologist warning of an eruption why not take heed and get pro-active?   When Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s  dream he knew that the seven years of plenty was going to be followed by seven years of famine.  Joseph prepared by storing the grain for the coming years.  While the article does not state that Katla will blow any time soon, it is however a warning and I believe, that like Joseph we should prepare.

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