In Beck's video below from Blaze TV, he takes several minutes to point out that conservatives are not on point with what really matters if supposedly, Obama is to lose his second term Presidential bid.  
Glenn wants to straighten them out.  That's fair enough, but let me say a few things to Glenn:

I love you Glenn, I really do. Accept when you don't make sense the same way that you say that rest of the media doesn't make sense.  You believe that Obama likes the "birther" story, in fact I have heard you ridicule "birthers" on more than one occasion on your radio show.  Isn't ridicule what you have told us the left uses against the right so effectively? Isn't "ridiculing your opponent" an Alinksy tactic, as you taught us?  You say in the video (below) that if you were Obama you would have made sure someone made your legitimate birth certificate look fraudulent to distract Americans. That somehow this ACTUALLY HELPS OBAMA by distracting Americans.  You say that Americans have already made up their minds and don't care anymore about the Obama/Rev.Wright relationship. 
The fact is Glenn, if you would have spent any, even just 5 minutes seriously trying to "set the record straight" and shown some FACTS as to why "birthers" are wrong, we would listen. But no, you haven't. You just ridicule us, just like the left does.  Hmm. Why is that I wonder? The fact is Glenn, if you would have exposed Obama's fake birth certificate about 3 years ago instead of ignoring the facts, maybe he would already be out of office.  The fact is Glenn, Obama has spent at least $2.8 million covering up the facts regarding his birth certificate, his fake social security number and his college records, and that is due to FEAR...fear that the American public would find out the truth.
Glenn, you had over 2 million viewers a night when you were at FOX and you woke some of us up to some of the truth, but you stopped short, why?  You, like your other friends at FOX, O'Reilly and Hannity have stopped short of really exposing many of the facts regarding the imposters very identity.  
The painfully obvious truth to anyone who cares to take a look at the birth certificate- Like Joe Arpaio.

Here is what you say that we should be talking about in order to get Obama out of office. 

Since Obama Took Office:

  • GAS PRICES UP     107%
  • TUITION UP            25%
  • CLOSER TO WWIII Since the Cuban missile crisis
  • Massive Cover-up over Libya
Maybe you are right Glenn, although I am not so sure.   
But I do GUARANTEE you that if members of the media, like yourself, would have told the truth...and they don't, which is the REAL STORY...Barry Soetoro would have already been hauled away in shackles and in disgrace. You see Glenn, we are, or at least we are supposed to be a nation of laws, and Obama has serious questions to answer in this regard and should not be allowed to cover it up. 

Your points regarding Benghazi in this video are excellent and important. This is why so many, like me, appreciate you.  You dig deeper behind most of the stories, which is why I know you know Obama is a fraud.
Glenn, I love ya man, I just can't trust you. You know more than you are saying.  You have the facts, just like so many of us and you haven't spoken out...and now we have had 4 years of infiltration by a Manchurian candidate. 
Why Glenn, why?  


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