Sandy Hook Tribute to the Victims Twitter / Tweet From 1 Month Before Shooting

There have been numerous things that I would call suspicious with all of the recent high profile mass shootings from the Aurora Colorado "Joker" to the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting to the most recent Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in Newton Connecticut.  From eye-witness testimony that have saw multiple shooters to the Libor Scandal and of course what is maybe most apparent, the possibility of a false flag for the sake of swaying public opinion in regards to gun control, something now in the national psyche and MSM on a daily basis with legislation pending.  Something seems very wrong.  
With all the problems in our nation and in our society today I mostly stay away from these stories because frankly it is an uphill battle and so many other things to talk about.  Yet, this is now something that I can't put on the back burner.  The more people research this, the stranger it becomes.  The more people research our own government, the more we realize the wickedness of this government and the absolute Matrix that we are living in. What is up is now down, what was wrong is now right. What are deceptions are now broadcast as facts. 
I encourage everyone reading this to share the information below.  Be patient with watching the video and then see the information beneath the video.  Do your own research. Share the information.  Since freedom of the press no longer exists, we must all be citizen journalists as much as possible to keep truth alive, and to protect ourselves from those who seek to force an agenda on the American people that is deceptive and threatens our Constitutional Republic perhaps like never before. - W.E. 

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WHO THE HECK uploaded a “tribute to the sandy hook shooting” on November 10, 2012???? The shooting was on December 14th..
this time stamp for sure does not lie… vimeo.. look at their other uploads as well
here is the link.. this is smoking gun proof of people knowing beforehand the shooting..
Here is the video uploaded on Nov. 10, 2012 , almost ONE FULL MONTH before the sandy hook shooting.
here are the other uploads from this person:
thanks to tatoot1009 for this.. here is his facebook:
make sure to stay tuned, hes got something to say about all of this, and he’s not too happy .
Neither am I.
Something strange is afoot…
Photo: Since Im catching total hell from the peanut gallery of disbelievers...Let me again clarify.</p> <p>Google time stamps show the original date of the post. </p> <p>The FUNDRAISER website shows the time of the post down to the minute.</p> <p>If you think this is somehow fake, please explain how someone fakes a GOOGLE time stamp.  Your own personal website "time" has nothing to do with the Google timestamp.</p> <p>These fundraiser sites are NOT blogs that allow you to change the time by the way.</p> <p>See my fundraiser if you have any doubts.. its the same kind of fundraiser page as mine, just a different company.. same format and everything.</p> <p>Sure anyone can change their blog to be whatever time zone they want.. date they want..</p> <p>But if you make a post.. Google picks it up and puts it in the search based upon when it was posted "internet time" wise--- in otherwords, it doesn't matter what date you have on your blog, website etc...</p> <p>When you post.. Google caches it as a post for 'that day'.</p> <p>In this case.. 'that day' was December 10, 2012, four days before the shooting.</p> <p>This is not the only site either.. there are others.</p> <p>This is one of the better examples of a full match between Google Cache AND the website date/time.</p> <p>again, here is just one example of many.. for sure you'll see old posts with secondary titles come up.. but then you'll see fundraising sites and a few others with December 5th, 10th, and 11th POSTING DATES.. not blog dates. </p> <p></p> <p>here is the full search.. going from Oct 2012.. to the day BEFORE the shooting:</p> <p>
Remember, December 14th 2012 — date of the Sandy Hook Connecticut shootings?
why , oh why, is there a site created on December 10th for the “vicitms” of Sandy Hook???
here is just one example of many..
here is the full search.. going from Oct 2012.. to the day BEFORE the shooting:

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