Uncle Barack to Punish White Neighborhoods for "Lack of Inclusion" (Video)

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I know most people on the right will just say this is more INSANITY, but in reality, it is more of the fundamental transformation of America that Obama promised coming into his first term as President. Let's punish white's because they aren't bringing more minorities into their neighborhoods.  Forget the fact that there is a thing called freedom in this nation. Freedom to live wherever we want to if we have the economic ability to do so.  And ultimately, this may be where Obama is going with this, that is, wealth (or in this case, housing) distribution.   Incredible.
 - W.E.

jim hoft

Barack Obama's latest plan to remake America will involve punishing white communities for their lack of inclusion. Already the Obama Administration has doled out "damages" to 25,000 Americans in the last three years in housing reparation payments.

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