WHO Is The Enemy?

By the looks of things, I would say that the government thinks We The People are the enemy, at least if you believe that the Constitution is the rule of law in America, that Capitalism, when not overrun by corruption is the engine that powers our economy and marriage between one man and one woman is normal.   Still, in this article by constitutional attorney Kris Anne Hall, she makes valid points and as always, a lot of sense.  -W.E.


Chris Christie says standing in defense of the Constitution, defending Due Process and requiring the federal government to comply with the Constitution is a "dangerous thought! http://rt.com/usa/nsa-hearing-grayson-surveillance-646/
Michele Bachmann said that the 4th Amendment is an impediment to counter-terrorism and the only people that benefit from the enforcement of the 4th Amendment are Islamic Jihadists. By the way she also calls your emails and electronic data, not YOUR property, but the property of Google, etc. http://nationalreview.com/corner/354328/amash-and-bachmann-butt-heads-over-nsa-betsy-woodruff
Rep. Thornberry from Texas calls due process and the 4th Amendment a “reward” that he didn’t want to extend to Edward Snowden. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/24/justin-amash-amendment_n_3647893.html
On May 18, 2012 Allen West declared on the house floor that anyone who would be opposed to indefinite detention of US citizens without due process and anyone who would be against the militarization of the DHS MUST be an Islamic sympathizer and working with the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR). http://youtu.be/K7kCZCBZF30
134 House Republicans voted AGAINST requiring the federal government to comply with the Constitution.
Those who HATE liberty and want to DESTROY the Constitution with government established exceptions to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Al-Qaeda doesn’t want to the government to deny your due process, but Christie, Bachmann, Thornberry, West, and 132 other House Republicans do! So who is the enemy? I think…
What do you think?

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