Censorship! Syria Story Being Blocked By Internet Providers!

The video is certainly an eye-opener. You may have seen parts of this video over at Torn-Republic a few days ago. I don't agree with the narrator's assessment at the vastness of this type of deception, but it obviously has and does occur.  Welcome to the matrix. 


Beforeitsnews has received countless notifications from our readers in the past day about a featured story yesterday and our lead story in our newsletter, The Truth About The Syria Genocide, and their inability to access this story. Once again, a story that TPTB and the mainstream media are seeking to censor is being blocked by internet providers. This censorship has happened over and over to Beforeitsnews as we’ve encountered this issue also with a recent viral SEAL Team 6 story, also blocked by internet providers via the same manner. What is it about this video below, republished here for those who were blocked from seeing it before, that TPTB are so unhappy about getting out to the masses uncensored?

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