The Suspicious Death of Journalist Michael Hastings Keeps Getting Stranger

Interestingly, Michael Hastings widow was on CNN with Piers Morgan last evening and indicated that she did not believe there was a conspiracy to kill her husband. (Second video below).  
This surprised me because it has been reported (here) that Hastings widow had hired a Private Detective to look into her husbands death. It seems just a bit too tidy if you ask me, that the widow of Hastings goes on national television and downplays foul play in her husband's death even though she has to be aware that hours before his death he sent an email to colleagues that he was "going to go into hiding".  Something smells a bit fishy here.  Also in the same report, it was stated that Hastings "did not even tell her about the story he was working on because he wanted to protect her from knowing anything so if anything did happen to him nothing would happen to her".  Weird, or was it just a wrong report from the get-go?
Her reaction on CNN was not unlike the reaction of after the founder of that media outlet, Andrew Breitbart died suddenly, and in the minds of many, died suspiciously.  
I recall just being shocked when Ben Shapiro, now the "Editor-at Large" at Breitbart, seemed to go along with the story that Breitbart's death was "natural" and he nor asked any questions or voiced any concerns about how their boss and friend died.
In the course of reading up a bit on this story, I was also fascinated and at the same time a bit "creeped out" to learn that a car can be remotely hacked. I really had no idea that vehicles today can be hacked into and remotely taken over as described in this video.
What does all this mean? I don't know, but according to this latest report, there is still "stonewalling" going on when other journalists look into the Michael Hastings story, as there should be.  A lot of things just don't add up and the latest information and video being reported, only creates more questions.  -W.E.



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