Miracle From God : Ohio Man Comes Back to Life After Being Dead 45 Minutes (Aug 24, 2013)

I believe God has shown this miracle to a people and a nation that have lost the faith that their fathers once possessed, that worship at the altar of science, and hedonism or perhaps have a "form of godliness, but deny the power thereof".   Of whom Jesus Christ is their grandmother's "thing" but not their own because we have become so enlightened don't you know? 
But people just don't die at a hospital, be declared dead and then come back to life again.  To this, there is no scientific explanation.  But the dead man, who is now alive, his wife explains what happened:  "There were so many people praying including my son, myself, multiple pastors from multiple faiths and multiple churches came and when my son went back into that room to tell his father he was not dead, it was because God had laid it on his heart to just speak to his father that he was not dead and our Pastor was praying and God answered our prayer".

God is so kind and patient with us today.  In His grace He wants to show you that He has the power over Death and Hell, He holds the keys...that we might believe on His Son and be saved.



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