U.S. Egyptians to Rally Against Muslim Brotherhood at White House, WaPo, CNN, and Hamas-linked CAIR Office

I am loving the Egyptian people more and more these days.  When they marched some 10 million strong to oust Morsi, in what was described as the 'world's largest protest ever",  I knew they were a people wide awake. American Egyptians didn't hesitate to then protest Obama at the White House (see video here), as they plan on doing again.  
With reports that the deposed 85 year old leader Hosni Mubarak was going to be acquitted and released, I again was struck that they are a fair minded people, perhaps sick and tired of an ideology like Sharia and murderous thugs like the Muslim Brotherhood....and want justice, and maybe jobs and food for their children would be nice, and of course, not a radical on every corner and in their power structure telling them how to live, how to worship, what to believe...or else!  
Now they are ours and the worlds' example of how to take a stand against evil, right here in America, may God bless them. 
- W.E. 

Jihad Watch

They call CAIR's D.C. headquarters the Muslim Brotherhood's "embassy" in Washington. 
I admire their clear-sightedness. "US Egyptians plan rally at White House against 'Brotherhood terrorism,'" from Ahram Online, August 21 (thanks to Patrick Poole):

Egyptians living in the United States have called for a protest in front of the White House on Thursday in Washington DC against the Muslim Brotherhood and in support of the Egyptian army. A statement by the protest's planners said the demonstration is planned to "expose Muslim Brotherhood terrorism and its collaborators around the world". The US has condemned a recent crackdown against the Brotherhood following the dispersal by security forces of two Brotherhood-led protest camps which saw hundreds of supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamd [sic] Morsi killed and thousands injured.
The statement added that the protests will also "expose the clear bias of the Obama administration and the American media in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist ideology."
Following the dispersal of the two sit-ins in Egypt's Cairo and Giza governorates, Morsi supporters – some of them armed with automatic weapons – attacked police stations, government buildings and churches countrywide.
The attacks were followed by accusations by the Egyptian government that the Brotherhood was leading a terrorist plot against the state and attempting to terrorize its citizens. The Brotherhood has denied having resorted to any violence, meanwhile insisting on describing the military's intervention to remove Morsi as a result of mass protests against him as a "bloody coup" and has called on the international community to stand against the current interim government in Egypt.
The anti-Brotherhood protest is planned to gather at the White House and then move to The Washington Post offices, CNN, then to the headquarters of Islamic Council on American–Islamic Relations, which the group accused of being the Brotherhood's "embassy" in Washington. The rally's final destination is planned to be the Egyptian military attaché’s office in Washington where they intend to "praise the Egyptian army for its heroic stand against MB terrorism".
The protest organizers said they will provide buses to carry demonstrators from various Coptic churches in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Carolina and North Carolina. They said the demonstrators will include "both Muslims and Copts."


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