VIDEO: Ft Hood Victims Say Obama Gave Them Substandard Med Care, Betrayed Them


As you know, this week marked the beginning of the long overdue trial of Fort Hood Islamic terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan. And as you probably know, the victims and survivors of Hasan’s murderous attack were not awarded Purple Hearts–as they should have been–because the Army, per the Obama Administration’s orders, does not want to treat the attack as an act of terrorism, but, instead, as “workplace violence.” Because of that–because they were not awarded Purple Hearts–ABC News’ Brian Ross reports that the surviving victims say they are getting substandard medical care for their injuries, and they rightfully feel betrayed by the U.S. Army. Watch the video . . .

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This Obamanik Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, making excuses for this outrageous treatment of these victims of Hasan, is full of it. It would not jeopardize his trial or any such thing. That’s just baloney. This is all about politics, specifically political correctness toward Islam.
I did not know that the level of Army medical care (or that for any of the U.S. Armed Forces) depends on whether or not you earned a medal or received your injuries in battle or not, but apparently it does. And it makes me sick that a military chaplain got a Bronze Star for his dumb Powerpoint presentation on how to “properly” dispose of the koran, while these brave men and women who were victims of Islamic terrorism on their military base in the line of duty cannot get a Purple Heart. But that’s Obama for ya. And, frankly, that’s the U.S. government ever since 9/11. Islamopandering idiots.

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