Al Qaeda Backed Syrian Rebels Decapitate Young Boy (Warning: Graphic)

Al Qaeda Backed Syrian Rebels Decapitate Young Boy– Photo Credit: TIME Magazine
I personally won't watch these types of videos, I don't need to see it. I think the above picture is quite enough.   Some do to understand the extent of the wickedness of Islam and the black hearts that embrace the ideology, or probably better stated, the ideology that creates these black hearts.  Once again, the FSA is who Obama is supporting.  

Of course, there are others in our government that support the FSA. Maggie of "Maggie's Notebook" has a devastating and important article (here) that should open blind eyes. She writes:

"The photographer/videographer says he photographed four beheadings in one day by the Free Syria Army (FSA). Brigadier General Salim Idris heads the FSA. John McCain traveled to Syria and met with Idris, saying he is a “fine leader” (no mention that Idris has a white-hot hate for Israel and for Assad because Assad has protected Israel). Senator Bob Corker also traveled to the Syrian border and had his chat with with the “moderate” Idris whose group is rebels is capable of beheading several in one day, and oh yes, hates Israel."


We have been providing you all coverage on the Syrian civil war for quite some time. Atrocities surface every so often. We first realized the barbaric face of the Free Syrian Army when one member cut the heart of a soldier out and proceeded to eat it. The rebel claimed the act in the name of Allah. Now, we see yet another crime against humanity that is a regular practice of the rebels.

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