Is THIS The Reason Obama is Unconcerned About Debt Limit? HEADS UP CHINA!

 Our national debt, will never and can never be repaid.  The assumption seems to be generally that gosh darn it, our leaders just aren't disciplined enough and there is just too much pork and special interest!  While that may be true, there is much more to it than simply that.  If the system wasn't corrupt and rigged, we would have found people to get us out of this mess a long time ago.   It becomes obvious when we connect the dots to what is really going on in the world geopolitically, in that their is coming into focus, a one world government, one world economy and I would submit, a one world religion.  Conflicting governments, conflicting economies and conflicting religions must be torn down in order to bring in the new.   In the meantime, the masses drink in what the corporate owned media serves them as news and information while in reality there is only enough truth to keep the sheeple from questioning what in reality is propaganda and disinformation-W.E.


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