Maryland Parent Arrested for Challenging Common Core (VIDEO)

Here is free speech in action in the New World Order. 
Common Core, the education arm of Agenda 21, sure can ruffle a few feathers.  Apparently no one gave this concerned citizen the memo that free speech, when speaking out against the Progressive establishment really means free to go to jail if you don't sit down and shut up like a good sheeple is supposed to do. Nor did anyone tell him we are supposed to these days, "go along to get along".  Then again, maybe he is just sick and tired of the dumbing down of America and is willing to take a stand because, like Daddy said, "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything".
 - W.E.

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At a Towson, Maryland school board meeting on Thursday, a parent attempting to ask questions about Common Core was arrested and charged with second-degree assault of a police officer.  
The event was recorded by another parent, and later related by yet another to Michelle Malkin.  Robert Small focused on the lowering of educational standards in his complaint, saying “You are not preparing them for Harvard,” but rather a community college.

The meeting was a question-and-answer session organized by Superintendent Dallas Dance, but – as is becoming increasingly common – questions were submitted on paper and select questions were answered, rather than allowing parents to stand up and speak.  This format allows for the censoring of questions, and indeed the questions answered by the meeting’s panel were, according to the person videotaping, “softball” questions.
“In a nutshell, it was an hour and a half long and the first hour was Dallas Dance, Lillian Lowery, a PTA leader, and a teacher from Cantonsville High School basically tell us how great this was going to be.”  Multiple parents in the room had already shown frustration at the question selection when Small stood up and began to ask challenging questions.  He spoke briefly before being escorted out by security and arrested.  “He was just a dad trying to get some information about his children’s education and ended up in jail for not sitting down and shutting up,” the letter said.
Common Core has been the subject of increasing scrutiny in recent months as it grows closer to being implemented in most states in the country.  The federal system of education standards was always criticized for being unconstitutional, and was thrust upon states in a manner completely lacking transparency or accountability, but it was only recently that the problems with the curriculum itself have been revealed.

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