President Obama spoke at the United Nations on Wednesday in a speech defending American interventionism, declaring that "the world is more stable than it was five years ago."  
This absolutely set Glenn Beck off, tearing into Obama's speech and asking what exactly about a Middle East in chaos and a crippled economy connotes stability.

Beck said "blood shoots out of my eyes" every time he hears Obama speak, going through the list from Egypt to Libya to Syria to ask how exactly the world is more stable.

"The world is on the brink of World War III and you have the gall to say it's more stable?! Mr. President, you are far too intelligent for this. You know better than this. Or maybe you won't because everybody is afraid to say anything to you, so maybe you don't! Maybe you've never learned a lesson because nobody ever has the guts to say anything to you!"

He warned of the dangerous ramifications of Obama's speech, adding that the economy is so bad, the U.S. is well past Jimmy Carter levels and "struggling not to beat the Great Depression!"

Beck was also set off by Obama suggesting that "in the past, we've been an American empire," and demanded to know when people are going to muster the "basic human decency" to finally say they've had enough of this.

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