One Park, Two Parks, Yellow Park, Blue Park

H/T Sarah Palin

*taps microphone*
Yes, *coughs* hello, I’d like to express my frustration with the Government Shutdown in the form of a poem.
Following Sen. Ted Cruz’s lead, I’ve set my poem to the tune of another Dr. Seuss classic, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

One park, Two parks, Yellow Park, Blue Park

Deep park, Wet park, Old park, New park

Some have many tourists, others have few, some tourists are old and some tourists are new

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Some are sad and some are bad. But most are very, very mad

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Why are they sad, bad and mad? I don’t know. Go ask your DAD

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Some throw cones and some jump fences. If they get caught they incur expenses

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Barricades here, barricades there, Barrycades, Barrycades everywhere

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They stop those who like to run. They stop those who once fought The Imperial Sun.


Oh me. How silly!

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Oh my. How silly!

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What a lot of things to close so willy nilly

Let’s Move website


Amber Alert website

amber alert
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Some blame 2 guys and some blame a bore

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Barack Obama
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Some blame one party but some think it’s more

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Who do we tar?   None can say

But I bet many would like to send them away


We see politicians come  

We see politicians go  

Some are mean 

And some are low

Some are odd

But some of them “grow

They don’t seem to like each other

You wish to know why?  

Go ask this mother

Thank you. Coffee brewed til 10pm. Please tip your waitresses. Their hours have been cut. Happy Barrycade jumping, all!