Steve Hatley would have been content just riding to D.C. with his wife Brenda on the back of their bike to honor the fallen and the heroes of 911.  
It was never his intention to serve as one of the five National leaders on the Two Millon Bikers Ride to D.C. that commemorated the attack on America by radical Islam.  But service is not something Steve Hatley shy's away from either.
Neither is speaking out against a government no longer listening to it's "employers" as Hatley puts it. (more on that later)
Being an Army veteran, Hatley (aka "Michigan Watchman" on FB) understands service and he understand honor, so when he saw the need for a State Coordinator to make the 'Two Million Biker' ride successful in his home state of Michigan he didn't hesitate.  It wasn't very long after that when he found himself serving on the National Administration Team.
For Hatley and the rest of the National Administration Team including the originator of the idea Bill Williamson also known in FB circles as "Top Fuel", their hopes for a turnout number was humble.  

Steve and Brenda Hatley w/Jim Garrow
"We were expecting- 10,000 to 15,000 thousand- we hoped for 40,000", Hartley said. But by 8:00 a.m. the morning of the event, Hatley estimates 100,000 bikers were already in D.C.  You can't blame Steve for his original low estimates considering the Social Media launch on FB didn't happen until August 18th for an event 24 days later.  Reports from DC Police on the biker turnout were estimated at an astounding 1.2 million bikers.  But Hatley believes that number was in reality only about half of the actual number of people who turned out.  Hatley suggests (and pics and videos seem to confirm) that the vast majority of bikers brought with them passengers.  We can't know for sure, but it is likely that an event that was only organized merely 24 days earlier (or as CNN put it, "In
one week from a 'pipe dream' to a national movement") had a turnout of over 2 million people.  That is simply an astounding number.
Another impressing but no longer surprising number is the number of likes on their "2 Million Bikers to DC" FaceBook page that currently stands at over 287,000 likes. Whatever the number, no one disputes the turnout was enormous and utterly successful.  

Not to get lost in numbers, the central reason for the biker movement is clear in their press release:
"2 Million Bikers to Washington DC - From Across the Nation:
From a “pipe dream” to a national movement, Patriot Bikers from across this great nation are preparing to ride to Washington DC on September 11, 2013, to honor those who were killed in the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks.
In the greatest tradition of American Patriotism, we honor the first responders on that day for their courage in the face of the Unknown. Without regard for their own safety, they endeavored to save as many lives as possible, and as a result many made the supreme sacrifice.
In addition, we honor the Men and Women of our Armed Services who have sacrificed so much in the fight against those who wish to destroy the American way of life. Our military has gone beyond the call of duty in their service. Their families and communities have contributed their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters in the defense of our Nation. To that end we wish to extend our sincere gratitude.
To show our support of these great Patriots and as a tribute to the fighting spirit of our great nation and Founding Fathers, 2 Million Bikers will ride to Washington DC on September 11th, 2013. The ride will pass by our National Capital and various Memorials throughout the city.
We ask that on this day of remembrance that all Americans pray for our country and for those who were lost on September 11, 2001, and give thanks to all of our service members and First Responders."
Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5
CARTERSVILLE, Ga. - A metro Atlanta biker returned home on Friday after participating in the "Two Million Bikers to DC" ride on Sept. 11.

The poet and philosopher George Santayana famously said: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".  Hatley is not only quick to remember the past as evidenced by profoundly remembering and helping others to remember 911, he is firmly entrenched in the present where he doesn't mind speaking out his grievances against a government that he says (regarding the Bill of Rights) "has been altered in ways that are contrary to the good of this Nation and against the wishes and better judgment of the Executive Board of Directors also known as The Citizenry." 
He wrote that and much more as an "open letter" to government, and has begun a petition at "We The People". 

The petition is not currently available to read or sign on line due to the partial government shutdown. 
Nevertheless, I want to share with you views that are compatible with not only mine and I am sure the majority of readers, but a message resonating today throughout social media and therefore throughout the fabric of our society, but never seems to be mentioned by our leaders and even less by our corporate controlled media:

Be it know that from this day henceforth that the citizens of these Unites States of America are placing you on notice.

As per any typical and standard employment agreement/contract and as interpreted by any reasonable person or entity that pertains to said employment. You are hereby served notice of a finding of less than satisfactory on your part in the day to day functions, duties, responsibilities, obligations and overall performance of your job description.

To wit: You as a collective group have not only lot sight of the goals, ambitions, desires and moral compass of this Corporation known as The United States of America, you have purposely chosen to ignore and completely disregard the wishes and the desires of the company that has employed you to the extent that this Nation is now secondary to your own personal agendas.

It has also come to the attention of the Executive Board of Directors of this corporation specifically the United States of America that the business plan as originally conceived and implemented, known as The Constitution of The United States of America and, its subsequent attachments, definitions and clarifications commonly known as and referred to as the Bill Of Rights has been altered in ways that are contrary to the good of this Nation and against the wishes and better judgment of the Executive Board of Directors also known as The Citizenry.

It has come to our attention that our business is being conducted behind closed doors under false pretenses and in such a manner as to keep the principal share holders, namely the citizens of the United States of America out of the loop and ignorant of what is taking place within the confines of OUR office buildings, our Capital buildings on all levels from Federal to City and County administrations.

The following is a list of shortcomings for which you stand accused and will at some point in time be held accountable for.

1: High Treason and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors committed against the citizens of the United States of America!
1a: The passage of laws, regulations and improper additions to our founding document known as the Constitution of the United States of America.
1b: Committing the resources of this land to other nations who use these resources to benefit the presently rich and wealthy. To support regimes that commit mass murder against their own populace. To commit genocide against entire races of people or religious sects.
2: The continued practice of ignoring the law of the land as it was written by our Founding Fathers by continuing taxation without representation.
2b: Fraudulently altering election outcomes.
2c: Failing to protect the boarders of this Nation.
2d: You have as an administration not only allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flood this Nation by entering it illegally all the while presenting them with the money, and the means to remove the ability of those who are legitimate citizens of this Nation to find, secure and maintain a livable wage.
2e: As a collective you have taken it upon yourself, without the consent of the American Populace to make mandatory a "health care plan" that is beyond the ability of the majority to obtain. In so doing you as a collective entity have given yourselves the "authority to convict and fine those who do not participate as though they have committed a crime.
3: You have attempted to force the American Public at large to accept, tolerate and condone that which we know to be against the most basic tenants of the faith in God that we as a Nation were founded upon.
3a; You as a collective organization have even made it against the law for a pastor to open his bible while standing on a street within this Nations Capital, have had that pastor and several others arrested and confined for exercising his right to free speech and assemblage, all the while making way for others to practice their faith uninhibited. Not only uninhibited but encouraged to do so no matter the inconvenience they cause to all those who are around them.
3b: You as a collective group have chosen to make the citizens of this Nation your subjects. Subject to your every whim and disposition. With no thought or regard for the consequences.
4: You have collectively turned your back upon God Almighty and have joyously embraced every single tenant of self righteousness to the point where you have deceived yourselves into believing that you are yourself some kind of god with the right and authority to control, dominate and completely enslave the very American Public that is in fact your employer. And as your employers You are hereby notified that you are now on a probationary period and if you continue to function in such a counterproductive way then your employment will be terminated. Additionally you will loose all accumulated perks, benefits and retirement programs. If you continue to persist in the actions that have brought us to this point we as a nation will begin the legal proceedings necessary to have you removed from office and forever banned from holding ANY kind of public office or trust ever again!

Be it known and fully understood that from this day henceforth that there is a segment of society that you have ignored and forgotten, one that has recently raised its collective head in Washington D.C. on September 11th 2013.

Be it also known that this was just a practice run, a practice "muster" if you prefer. We will be coming again and with all the same spirit, drive and determination as before, only this time we will be even larger in numbers.. While we do come in peace, without a desire to see harm come to anyone...be it well known that we are going to take this country back! We will do it the correct way, through our system of election and impeachment through our common and UNIFIED voice and our rules of engagement may be found within the words of the Holy Bible. The living, breathing words of God Himself. It is by the standards and commandments contained within this "book" that we will conduct ourselves.

This letter is intended to inform all who consider themselves to be "above" the law of the Lord God almighty YAHWEH that we as as Christians are fed up and we are not going to tolerate governmental interference any longer.

If you have stayed with me through this story, I hope you take away from it just two simple truths.  The first is that ordinary citizens can do extra-ordinary things. One person's idea took legs with a couple handfuls of like minded people and not only did millions ride into DC with a show of force and a statement that said that they care and they have not forgotten but millions more found out about it through the news cycle who could not ignore WE THE PEOPLE.  Their is great strength in numbers.  Having spoke to Steve Hatley personally for this article, I think he would agree that he is just as astounded as what God chose to do through a group of  broken cisterns willing to give of themselves for such a time as this rather than boast of themselves.
The second thing I hope you took away from this is that all of us reading this must do our part if we are going to stop the onslaught of Progressivism, radical Islam, our burgeoning surveillance society and corrupt leaders whose agenda no longer resembles their oath of office.  
There is much I left out of this story that still could be told.  One of which is fairly well known, that the Bikers ride into DC was precipitated by what was first billed, beginning in July of this year as the "Million Muslim March".  When I first got wind of it, like I am sure many Americans, I was irate.  Muslims were going to air their grievances on what is a sacred day for this nation, the anniversary of 19 Muslim hijackers attacking America and killing thousands and ruining the lives of many more?!
That sparked a nerve.  That got people talking and before we knew it, a movement was born! 
Today we have many other grievances.  
America today stands at a precipice greater than perhaps anytime in our 237 year history where corrupt and amoral leaders strive to lead this nation farther and farther into darkness and despair.  But they are outnumbered.  They know they are outnumbered  and by a ridiculous proportion.   
Let us pray. Let us ask the Almighty to be our Rear Guard and for His forgiveness for our sins and His Grace in this hour. Then, let us act.



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