Expert: 129 Million To Lose Health Care Plan - Duke Prof Predicts Major Obamacare Fallout

This is so funny and so sad at the same time.  Of course, the funny part only lasts briefly, and the repercussions of Obamacare will have long lasting economic and deadly affects on millions.... 
But, my two friends here, Kelly and Varney, make me laugh and are a microcosm of most Americans.  They are both shocked that the President has come out today, and lied about American's keeping their healthcare plans.  Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahaha!  They are shocked because as Kelly says, "He's [Obama] saying, 'what we said was', it's as if we don't have the tape, we have the tape, there's this magical thing called video tape".  
Obama in fact, lies on "video tape" all of the time.  In fact, a case can be made that he lies, most of the time. 
But our two likeable friends here seem to think this is going to hurt the Democrats in the next elections.  I find this equally funny/sad.  Extremely so.  They seem to still see the Democrat/Republican PARADIGM as honest. As if our elections, at least on the Federal level are honest and not predetermined. As if the FED doesn't control the nations money.  As if their is no such thing as a shadow government.   As if Obamacare is not only a first step towards an extreme Socialist state, but also a power grab by the Executive Branch.
With so much evidence to the contrary, they talk as the blind leading the blind and I can't help but chuckle. For now.
Enjoy the show:

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