Islamic Jihad in Indonesia AND America

I thought twice about posting all of the pics below included with the story because of the graphic nature of them.  But it was just the other day in the comment section of an article I posted (here) where someone shared his/her thoughts that radical Islam is basically an invention and all religions are the same....and he/she seemed more concerned about Christianity.  
That type of brain-dead apathy is more prevalent than most of us care to realize and that in and of itself is frightening with images of 1938 Germany coming to mind. 
It is unlikely the mainstream media is going to help the cause of truly waking the world to the evil that is radical ISLAM, so WE need to do it.   We were rudely awakened at 911....and then promptly told by our politicians if we just go to war with the Taliban and Iraq, pass the Patriot Act, we were mostly safe, many, if not most have gone back to sleep.  
We've stayed on the hunt (sort of) to destroy evil al Qaeda (when we aren't backing them like in Syria) but ignore the radicals in America.  Evil lurks in the heart of man...combine that with a religious belief that says God wants you to murder infidels...and beheading is the preferred method, and no nation is safe.  
Since 911 there has literally been an explosion of mosques built in this country.  I've said all of that to say this: What is going on in Indonesia is simply a picture of where America will eventually end up if we remain silent and allow our media outlets to remain silent.  Don't believe me...take a closer look at what is going on today:  
In Michigan...
We have in Tennessee anti Americanism being taught in a mosque and that Christianity is "filth".
We have a 100 million dollar mega- mosque currently being built in Maryland. The Prime Minister of Turkey showed up to lay the cornerstone.  He is quoted as saying, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and Muslims our soldiers…”
We have children being chained and beaten in a mosque in Ohio.  This will be the largest such facility in North America.
We have Jihad being preached in Denver.  
At least one study has concluded that over 80% of all mosques in the West preach Jihad. 
To make matters worse, our own FBI has captured documents traced to the Muslim Brotherhood that includes very clear and concise plans of how to overthrow the American government.
We have great reason to believe that stealth jihad is being waged right now inside of the U.S. military.  And of course, last but not least, here are twenty reasons for concluding that Barack Hussein Obama is himself a Muslim and his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. 


The price for being a Christian.... in Indonesia...and soon to be  Malaysia 
(allegedly reported in the local daily news yesterday and today.)

Death for abandoning (lapsing) Muslims and for Christians who preach in Malay.
Indonesia. An Islamic democracy. Is Islam compatible with democracy? These pictures were forwarded to me from a friend who knows a Christian in Indonesia......I cannot reveal too much or I will jeopardize the lives of those that smuggled these pics out. I am running them beneath the fold as they are too graphic to run on the main page. I am running them so the world will know and see that Indonesians are NOT the friend of anyone who is not Muslim.
Indonesian Islamist Terror Threatens Bush Visit  China Confidential

There are graphic pictures should you click on the link on the bottom of this post (the link that says "click to continue"), consider yourself warned.
                      *******WARNING WARNING WARNING**********
   ******* BEHEADINGS**** VIOLENT PICS******GRAPHIC*******
UPDATE: I will have more details on these pics shortly. There is enormous fear in those I communicate with. Will post soon.
UPDATE: Malkin has assassination mania in Indonesia here. The jihadis are apoplectic in Indonesia. (Hat tip: Shawn Wasson, who has more Bush-deranged photos.)
Security is tight and President Bush's visit is expected to last six hours tomorrow. I will be praying for his safety.
UPDATE November 20: These pictures are from the late nineties early zeros. There is more background  on them here. They are horrible proof of the torture and oppression Christians suffer at the hands of Muslims in Indonesia. Whether it was yesterday or six years ago, the brutality, the horror is the same. It is happening as we speak. This latest beheading in Indonesia was just  last week here. So while these pictures are from a few years ago, the practice continues apace.
Beheaded girls were Ramadan 'trophies' The Australian
November 9 2006

THREE Christian high school girls were beheaded as a Ramadan "trophy" by Indonesian militants who conceived the idea after a visit to Philippines jihadists, a court heard yesterday.
The girls' severed heads were dumped in plastic bags in their village in Indonesia's strife-torn Central Sulawesi province, along with a handwritten note threatening more such attacks.
The note read: "Wanted: 100 more Christian heads, teenaged or adult, male or female; blood shall be answered with blood, soul with soul, head with head."
And it continues, just this past September, Indonesian Catholics were put to death by firing squad amid doubts of guilt.
And last September , three Christian girls were beheaded walking home from school here (warning GRAPHIC PICTURES.) September 2005
A terrible crime has been committed in Poso, in Central Sulawasi, Indonesia, which for several years has seen sectarian violence against the Christian minority. Thugs have beheaded 3 Christian 16 year old girls walking back from school. This Voice of America report tells how the anti-Christian violence has attracted Islamic militants to Sulawasi. GRAPHIC PICTURES WARNING  
More here. So what follows are photos from the late 1990s before the US went into Afghanistan and Iraq. Here we have Christian girls beheaded in Indonesia late last year. And here we have more Christian girls beheaded last week with the promise of more. It's the jihad.
The girls' severed heads were dumped in plastic bags in their village in Indonesia's strife-torn Central Sulawesi province, along with a handwritten note threatening more such attacks.
The note read: "Wanted: 100 more Christian heads, teenaged or adult, male or female; blood shall be answered with blood, soul with soul, head with head." More here
These pictures depict the cruel, oppressive existence that non Muslims live under in Islamic countries. No matter how the left twists and squirms to rationalize, this is the ugly truth. And the barbarism continues before the US intervened and after.
UPDATE: Bush's Blood Halal Indonesia Matters
Habib Rizieq of the Islam Defenders’ Front says it is religiously permissible to murder George Bush.
During a speech given to a large crowd protesting against the upcoming visit by George Bush to Indonesia Habib Rizieq said at Jakarta on Sunday 19th November:
Bush can be killed by anyone who has the chance to kill him. It’s not just that it is permissible to kill him, he must be killed. I am prepared to be responsible for [saying] this in the hereafter.
(Bush halal dibunuh bagi siapa saja yang punya kesempatan untuk membunuhnya. Bush bukan saja boleh dibunuh tapi wajib dibunuh. Saya bertanggung jawab dunia akhirat.)
Upon saying these words Habib, who is the leader of the Front Pembela Islam (FPI), a radical Islamic group, was greeted with cries of “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) from the tens of thousands of people present at the demonstration outside the Istana Merdeka palace.
Habib said that Bush could legitimately be murdered because he has committed crimes against humanity, not because he is of a different religion and race. More blood-curdling cries of “Allahu Akbar” ensued. [1] 


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