Lt Mike Zullo: We have "Universe-Shattering Evidence" In Obama Fraud!

The Arpaio team needs members of Congress a few people, preferably high profile in Congress, to investigate this. To actually do their job- even in the face of ridicule and threats.  That is the only way it will be picked up by the media who has blacked this story out for years.  
Please keep Sheriff Arpaio, Detective Mike Zullo, Carl Gallups and the rest of the Maricopa County team of investigators in your prayers. Pray now before you forget, or add them to your prayer list.  There is a lot on the line. People have a way of turning up dead when O feels threatened.
And, I hope they understand that there is a clock running.  The damage Obama is doing to this nation worsens with every passing day.  Let's also pray there is still a country left to save before anyone spills the beans on the fraud at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 


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