"God will not be mocked," said Diane Reidy on the floor of the House when representatives were voting to reopen the government during the shutdown in October. Since that day we've been seeing more and more accounts of "mocking" against this administration. Secretary Kerry even complained about it saying that some world leaders had offered to buy his lunch.

Now, we see that President Obama, who has openly mocked and blasphemed God ("God bless you for what you do" to Planned Parenthood, for starters) more than any other in this administration, is being openly mocked and ridiculed, especially over his baby, Obamacare. Multiple blogs are photoshopping him or his health care website into ridiculous caricatures.

If you like your teeth, you can keep your teeth.  Period.

Jonah Goldberg has a spectacular piece at National Review Online that just mocks, jabs, thrusts, and ridicules Obamacare from every possible angle.

Obamacare Schadenfreudarama

Stepping away from the home front and looking abroad we see that the Iranians set up President Obama to be mocked. More on that in a minute.  Though the Saudis may not be expressly setting Obama up to be mocked, we must realize from this Israel National News article that the Saudis are coming awfully close. This article is noting that the Saudis and the Egyptians are joining forces out of anger toward Obama and are strongly considering allowing Port Said in Egypt to become home to Russian warships, and at the same time, perhaps, no longer allow "the Americans" (i.e. Obama) use of the Suez Canal. This is EXTREMELY serious if it comes to pass.

The article concludes with these ominous conclusions. I recommend reading it to see how these conclusions were reached. And take note of, again, earthquake terminology in describing the effect President Obama and his policies are having on the Middle East.

These are some of seismic shifts that are quaking the Middle East due to the fact that Obama has made good on his 2002 pledge to get rid of the Saudis and the Mubarak Egyptians.

As for Israel, Obama knows that with Saudi Arabia and secular Egypt wiped out, and a nuclear-weaponized Iran in control of the world's Persian gulf oil supply, his Zionist problem won't be a problem for much longer.

Obama Fallout: Saudis Broker Port Said to Putin's Navy. The United States may very well have lost Egypt's Port Said to the Russians.

And though the Saudis may not be out to openly mock Obama, there is little doubt the Iranians are. Debka is reporting the following:

The visit to Tehran Monday, Nov. 11, by Yukiya Amano, head of he Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, was intended to show him meeting supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as a signal that he approved of further efforts at an understanding to overcome the impasse reached last week in Geneva. This is reported by debkafile’s intelligence sources.

The Iranian leader’s show of goodwill would have been used by the Obama administration to persuade Israel, France and Saudi Arabia to stop fighting the draft accord on Iran’s nuclear program that was tossed out at the Six-Power negotiations with Iran last Saturday. . . .

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif then promised the Americans that if the IAEA chief came to Tehran, an audience with Khamenei would be set up.

However, that's not exactly how things went.

[F]rom the moment Amano set foot in Tehran Monday until he left, no one mentioned an audience. He was fobbed off with “a roadmap for cooperation,” which he signed alongside the head of Iran’s atomic energy commission Ali Akbar Salehi for a photo op.

This worthless piece of paper permitted IAEA visits to the uranium mines at Garchin and the unfinished a heavy water plant in Arak, but continued to withhold permission to inspect projects suspected of clandestine work on developing a nuclear weapon – for instance, the Parchin military complex, to which the IAEA has repeatedly been denied access to check on suspicions of nuclear-related explosion tests of warhead detonators.

You do see this, don't you? The Iranians set Obama up to be mocked. They said, "Hey, send someone here and we will let them meet with our President Rouhani and you can have a photo-op," and Obama snatched that opportunity, then like Lucy yanking the football away from Charlie Brown, Obama was left looking like a fool. But don't worry, he has enough hubris to adsorb the dent, and he won't let a little thing like an Iranian insult stop him from doing what is best for the Middle East and, well, his foreign policy legacy, especially while he has Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett prodding him on.

BTW, while the Iranians are snickering at their little hazing gag on the guy who desperately wants to be in their circle, the IAEA guy gave Israel something to think about.

A normally calm and collected official, Amano was so put out by the disrespect shown him by Washington and Tehran that he went on record Wednesday, Nov. 13 to remark pointedly that he had seen no changes in Iran’s nuclear activities in the three months since the election of Hassan Rouhani as president: Iran continued to enrich uranium up to the 20 percent level just as before, he stressed.

This dry comment exploded the optimistic assumption at the root of the Obama administration’s soft policy on Iran, namely that Tehran had assumed a new, moderate face, amenable as never before to talking through a deal on its nuclear program.

The IAEA director lifted just a corner of the veil concealing Iran’s clandestine nuclear activities. Not only had nothing changed, but contrary to suggestions put about of a slowdown, uranium enrichment continues apace at all levels, 3.5, 5, and 20 percent grade. And not one centrifuge has been dismantled. Centrifuge production has indeed been accelerated and the machines are being quickly installed at all the enrichment plants. The new centridfuges (sic) are not yet spinning, but they are standing ready to be switched on at any moment. Construction at Arak has also been put on fast forward.

Translation: Iran ain't slowin' things down any.

Further setback to Iran nuclear diplomacy: Khamenei’s refusal to see nuclear watchdog director

John McTernan in his 11/13 blog posting also notes that Obama is being mocked more and more openly and notes that Obama's presidency is being destroyed. I couldn't agree more.

11/13 McTernan Commentary

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