Our Changing World (VIDEO)

Warning, some brief, but strong language.


Do you remember ever hearing about strange sounds in the sky before 2011? 
 What are these "sky quakes" and why have they now appeared in almost every city and every community around the globe? While some can be dismissed easily as hoaxes, there are many others which lend credibility to the phenomena.

This presentation takes an emotional journey through recent extreme weather, including floods, tornadoes, and the strongest storm ever recorded - and begs the question is weather becoming increasingly severe? Are we simply becoming desensitized to record breaking weather tragedies because they are more and more frequent?

Footage includes some of the best UFO sightings of 2013 found to date, including a UFO falling from the sky into an Icelandic town, a high speed orb changing trajectories above a highway, and a snake like entity floating through the clouds.

With sky quakes, increasingly catastrophic weather, and stunning UFO encounters - all of which cross lines of culture and nationality - can we now say with certainty that our world is changing?

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