Woman Arrested, Stripped, & Jailed… For Forgetting To Pay Traffic Ticket

If you are thinking the story below is nothing more than a one in a million happenstance, I beg to differ.  Aggressive police action, even shootings against unarmed citizens isn't so rare these days.
 It is becoming more and more common place.  See this story, and my comments for more of my thoughts on the subject. -W.E.

Police in tactical gear surround an apartment building while looking for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings in Watertown, Mass., Friday, April 19, 2013.

Sarah Boaz, a North Texas woman, received a traffic ticket in August for running a stop sign.
After some time passed, Boaz lost the ticket and forgot to pay it — she admits it was wrong not to have paid it immediately.
Still, she never expected to go to jail for her carelessness.
Boaz was arrested and jailed on Wednesday morning for forgetting to pay the traffic ticket. The Richland Hill City Marshal was waiting at her house that morning with a warrant to arrest her.
After Boaz arrived at the jail, she was stripped down by a female officer. According to Boaz, the officer told her, “I’m going to need you to undress. I’m going to need you to stand against the wall. Please don’t step in front of this white box, or I’ll take that.”
Boaz said the female officer was “aggressive towards me.”
In an email sent to CBS 11 News, the North Richard Hills Police Department said being stripped down is “standard procedure” for anyone brought to jail in their town. They wrote, “Before they go into the cell they are taken by a detention officer of the same sex to a private room with no cameras. They have to remove all clothing and they are given a jumpsuit. The officer searches their clothes, at no time does the officer touch them.”  Richland Hills officials claim that two notices were sent to Boaz regarding the unpaid ticket.
While people can technically be put in jail for unpaid tickets, many see it as unjustified. Attorney Jason Smith argues that there was a financial incentive behind Boaz’s arrest. Smith said, “The constitution doesn’t keep the government or government officials from using common sense. Unfortunately, some police officers, some governments get overly aggressive because they want that ticket revenue.”  Boaz said, “I guess it was just frustrating to me, that a bill that I pay a month late, I end up in jail for.”  One a side note, Boaz’s husband ran a stop sign on Thursday. There is little doubt that he will pay his ticket in a timely manner after what happened to his wife.

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