The UFO phenomenon continues to amaze if not confuse, as UFO's of all types are being seen, photographed and recorded every day.  
Regarding this incident and photograph, pilot John Cox with 33 years of flight experience stated:

"UFO squadron photographed from our helicopter over Brooks Mountain Range Alaska, about 70 miles north of Bettles, Alaska on return flight from the Arctic. We were flying on a heading of due south and the unidentified craft were on a northerly heading. Was the only shot I was able to get, they moved behind us at a very high rate of speed. This was taken in October 2013. You can definitely make out the lenticular shaped craft when I enhanced the photograph, I am a pilot with 33 years experience and this was the first time I've seen a UFO and just happened to be a total of 8 unidentified craft. They do exist!" 

The pilot and video narrator, believing in the UFO's, don't offer an explanation which indicates to me that they are likely to believe the popular theory that the UFO's are aliens, as in from another planet.

In my opinion, seeing the many scriptural signs of the last days approaching fast, and knowing that the scripture says that "the whole world lieth in wickedness", (1 John 5:19) we would do well to consider spiritual deception. 
Man has witnessed bizarre flying objects in the sky for centuries but only in the modern era are we witnessing it to this degree, and yet there is little, if any physical evidence, despite the number of sightings, further suggesting that the anomaly is spiritual and not physical.  
Having said that, there are many convinced that area 51 does in fact contain that physical evidence and may have aliens living underground there whom the government is working with and have access to their space craft from which we have back engineered technology received from these "aliens". 

But we who are believers, understand that their is another realm, the second heaven if you will, where inner dimensional beings do exist and the bible calls them demons and I won't even get into Genesis 6 and the Nephilim, but that too is a distinct possibility. The demonic entities use deception as a weapon against humanity for purposes that will have their culmination in the Second Coming of Christ. 

Those who have channeled these entities that explain the UFO phenomenon, are channeling demons.  It is extremely interesting to note that the channeled entities speak at great length about spirituality.  But they also speak strongly against Christianity and the bible.  
Hmmm.  Why would that be?


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