Imam’s Daughter Found Christ, Miraculously Survived Torture by Her Family


She is the daughter of an Islamic scholar and imam. When Jesus opened her eyes to the truth, He also preserved her life from dangers within her own family.
Subaidath was a successful student who considered herself a staunch Muslim. Despite her upbringing and religious training, there was one thing she lacked — peace of mind. As pressures at school mounted, so did her internal anxieties.

One day she discovered a Christian tract someone left in her dormitory. When she read the Gospel for the first time, it resonated within her soul, but because of her family background, her heart was hardened against the message.
After she read the tract, something unusual happened a few nights later. In a vivid dream, Jesus revealed Himself to her, touched her with His nail-pierced hands, and said, “Do not be worried and upset. Believe in God the Father and also in me; for I am the Prince of Peace. I have been crucified, died, and resurrected to give you peace and eternal life.”
When she awakened the next morning, her mind swirled with questions. Was it just a dream or something more? Doubts overwhelmed her; she certainly could not believe in Jesus. After all, she was a devout Muslim and her father held an important position in the local mosque.
But Jesus kept pursuing her heart.
One day she went to the local well to get water. It was almost dark, and the ground nearby was very slippery. Somehow, Subaidath slipped, fell into the well, and lost consciousness.
While unconscious, she had an awareness that Jesus pulled her out of the well and gently carried her to safety. She felt completely secure in his arms — like a child being cared for by a loving father or mother.
When he set her down he said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me will live, even though they die; and those who live and believe in me will never die.”
At that moment, a seedling of faith germinated in her heart. “I believe in you Lord as my Savior!” she declared, and surrendered her life to Christ.
This remarkable encounter happened when Subaidath was seemingly unconscious. When she awakened, several people were gathered around, staring down at her.
Miraculously, she was completely unhurt. She picked herself up and was able to walk home.
When Subaidath told her family about her experience and her commitment to Jesus, they got extremely upset and tried to talk her out of her decision. Nonetheless, she remained faithful and unmoved by their arguments and began to grow in her faith.
When they recognized she would not change her mind, her father and brothers decided she must pay the ultimate price for dishonoring the family.
They devised a crude electric chair by connecting an electric current to a metal chair. They stripped off most of Subaidath’s clothing and forcibly bound her to the chair. Despite her anguished cries and pleas, they would not relent.
When she recognized what was about to happen, she made one final request – to hold her Bible.  One of her brothers retrieved it from her room and threw it on her lap. When she felt it resting there, it brought a measure of peace to her soul.
“If you want to die together with your false religion, so be it,” her father declared.
“This will show you that your religion is powerless,” her brother added.
When her father flipped the switch to send high voltage through the chair, nothing happened. They double-checked the connection, tried different outlets and sockets, but it was as if the electricity refused to flow.
Her father got so angry and frustrated he beat her once more and screamed, “You are no longer my daughter,” then threw her outside the house, half-naked. With tears streaming down her face – filled with humiliation and pain — she ran to a Christian friend’s home across town.
Subaidath at her baptism
The following day, her friends asked their neighbors what they thought when they saw a half-naked woman run through the streets.  One of the neighbors happened to see Subaidath that night, but he reported that he saw her wearing a beautiful white dress.
She believes God hid her nakedness, clothed her in the white dress, just as He took away her shame and covered her with the righteousness of Christ.
Subaidath remains a faithful servant of Jesus Christ and is active in the underground church with Paul Ciniraj Ministries.

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