Planned Parenthood Teams to go Door to Door in Neighborhoods Promoting Obamacare

Representatives of the largest purveyor of abortions in America may soon be knocking on your front door. Yes, according to this report, they are coming across America in teams...and your tax money is financing this latest Obama ploy.   
Why would they want to push Obamacare? One reason- more money. More blood money that is.  Meaning more abortions.  Yes, the Progressive left loves killing off America's most's a "right" to do so they keep telling us- and are anxious to partner with your government to knock right on your front door and espouse the virtues of Obamacare.  Lovely.  
Can there be any doubt that the marriage of Obama and Planned Unparenthood was conceived in the bowels of hell? 


Yes, they do "prevent" something, don't they? Breath to a living breathing baby.