Russia Ups the Ante

War with Russia and/or China is not at all inevitable because it is actually occurring now.  The cold war never ended.  If I were a betting man, I would not bet that either Russia or China is planning a military attack on the U.S.A...certainly they could do that using their surrogate, N.Korea (China) or Iran (Russia) which isn't out of the realm of possibility. It is more likely they would ally themselves with the government of America, and against the citizenry, in the event of an uprising (which they seem to be anticipating) by We The People.

To over-simplify, the real battle has been cutting the head off the American snake using infiltration of the media (propagandists, disinformation geeks along with the arts, i.e., movie and music industries to twist the moral fiber of the nation), the Congress, (and thus Federal laws and policies, introduction of new agencies, i.e., the Progressive movement, through the State Department, EPA, DHS, CIA, Dept. of Education, etc.) and the Executive Branch, (aka Barack Obama and his communist/Islamic cronies).

Destroying America incrementally over time through infiltration by our enemies has been working splendidly.  Why would they need to do anything different at this point? If a frog is slowly boiling to death in a pot of water without realizing it, why pull it out of the pot and beat it to death? 

With American enemies working within the system (and calling themselves Americans) they have managed to steal the electoral process and ensure themselves victory in any race they feel is necessary to win and yet not draw too much attention to the fact that the game is rigged.  In the meantime, Russia, China and the Islamists can continue to cast their net of control across the world, just as the U.S. government is doing here to Americans. China certainly wants to see America keep buying their products.  Russia certainly wants to keep pushing America around and telling the world that they are supreme...and the good guys.  The Islamists want to continue their push for Sharia in this nation.  Deception through disinformation and mind control, (yes I said it, mind control, notice the masses don't care what anyone does as long as they aren't too bothered? I would argue this is conditioning by our enemies within) is the name of the game these days as we are moved towards World Government.


As America disarms, war with Russia and their Chinese, Iranian, communist and Islamic allies gets closer by the day.
Poland and three Baltic states have voiced their alarm over plans by Russia to move nuclear-capable missiles close to their borders.
“Plans to deploy Iskander-M missiles in the Kaliningrad district are disturbing and Poland has said so many times,” its foreign ministry said in a statement.
Warsaw said it had received no official word from Moscow about the deployment, which a Russian defence ministry spokesman confirmed on Monday.
“This is a matter for NATO and we can expect possible consultations and action (…) at the NATO and EU level,” it added.
Relations with Russia have been frosty since Poland shed communism in 1989 and went on to join NATO a decade later.
Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have also had difficult ties with Moscow since they broke free from the Soviet Union in 1990-91 and joined the EU and NATO in 2004.
“It is clear that it is alarming news as it is one of the arguments changing balance of powers in our region,” Latvia’s Defence Minister Artis Pabriks said Monday, quoted by the Baltic News Service (BNS).
“It does not change the balance of power between NATO and Russia, but it changes balance of power in the region. It threatens several Baltic cities,” he added.
He was echoed by Estonia and Lithuania whose defence ministers termed the move both “alarming” and “cause for concern”.
The Russian deployment comes in response to the planned US-led deployment of a disputed air defence shield.
The advanced version of the Russian missile has a range of 500km and could potentially be used to take out ground-based radar and interceptors of the new NATO shield.
The Kremlin warned in 2011 that it could station the short- and medium-range ballistic missiles along the European Union’s eastern frontier in response to NATO’s missile defence programme.
War with Russia is inevitable – unless (a) America surrenders pre-emptively, or (b) America returns to sanity and the Reagan doctrine of “peace through security.”
Repeat after me: “Russia is our friend… Russia is our friend… Russia is our friend….”

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