Millions Descend Upon Rio de Janeiro to Worship Voodoo Mother Goddess

David Vose

The Largest celebration in the world gathering in Rio de Janeiro is not to worship God or Jesus or even Allah. 
It is to Worship the Mother Goddess of the World spoken of in Scripture as the Abomination of the Earth. The basic teaching of this religion is simple. You let yourself go into trance and with dancing and pleasures you open your body as a home for any Spirit that will enter. This same religion, which practices animal sacrifice and voodoo curses and spells. Was practiced in many countries for thousands of years. It was also know as cannibalism, they ate human flesh to attract even more wicked spirits and caused great darkness and suffering upon the nations where it has been practiced for centuries. May God help Brazil open it's eyes, as it opens this Satanic door again to thrust the world back into spiritual darkness and suffering, If you know anyone about to go down to this event, please speak to them and pray for them.

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