NSA Abuses Accurately Predicted in 1967 Hollywood Film (Video)


Think of it as priming the market for future products. It’s no surprise how Hollywood’s twisted writers and film producers are almost perfectly aligned with the psychopathic behaviours of transnational corporations and their clients in central government…

Brasscheck TV

Substitute NSA for the phone company…
This film flopped flopped commercially when it came out in 1967, but now it’s achieved a cult status.

For younger people who were not around at this time, in 1967…

* There were no cell phones
* There was no Internet
* There were no laptops or personal computers
* There was no cable TV
* Color TVs existed but they were not common
* Telephones were still rotary.

This movie will be 50 years old in just four years.
From the film: “The President’s Analyst”:

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