Parents Call Cops For Help, Cops Shoot Their Nonviolent Schizophrenic Son Dead


18-year-old Keith Vidal from North Carolina was schizophrenic and suffered from severe depression.  
When he picked up a small screwdriver during a psychotic episode, his father, Mark Wilsey, became worried and called the police for help.
Two officers, one from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office and the other from the Boiling Spring Lakes police department, were at the family’s home shortly. They apparently could not calm the 18-year-old down, so they called a third officer from the Southport police department to the scene. The third officer ordered the use of tasers on Vidal, in order to calm the teen.
Wilsey claims that two officers pinned his son down in order to tase him — that is when one of them said “we don’t have time for this” and shot the 18-year-old dead.
Wilsey and his wife helplessly watched as their son died from the gunshot.
The couple is devastated and furious. Wilsey said, “We called for help, and they killed our son. No reason for it, deadly force. There was no reason. They had Tasers on them, and they didn’t have to even tase him, they could have just talked to him, talked to him another 10 minutes.” 
Vidal’s mother said, “Where is the justice, why did they shoot my son? This is what’s wrong with our mental health system.”
Vidal only weighed 90 pounds and had no history of violence. It is unlikely that he could have caused any serious harm with the small screwdriver he was holding during his psychotic episode. He was a student at South Brunswick High School where he apparently got along well with other students.
Devastated: Keith Vidal's grieving family gathered Monday for a press conference outside the office of the District Attorney (photos via Daily Mail)

Justice: Keith Vidal (pictured with his mother, Mary) was already restrained by two police officers when a third officer shot him in the chest on Sunday after allegedly saying 'I don't have time for this'

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