The New American Police: Excessive Force, Intimidation and Murder (Video)

"A nation of sheep, will soon have a government of wolves" 
- Edward R. Murrow

Disclaimer: At 51, I am I am old enough to remember when "Office Friendly" as an outreach to the public schools, would come to our classrooms and talk about helping the community. 
Those days are gone. I have friends that are Police Officers, and I believe good ones. There are a lot, the majority, of great officers across America, putting their lives on the line everyday for public safety.  I think the vast majority of our local police are good men and women and I support them 100%.  
But, let the reader beware, times are changing, and I contend there is a deliberate attempt that is more than just a trend, to not only equip our local police with military equipment that would make Orwell cringe, but also to "enforce" laws in a manner previously unheard of in this country. Anecdotally, I have witnessed it first hand.  This is the gist of this article. 
Sadly, I think the same can be said of today's military, especially when considering the purge of military leaders that is occurring.  

In the last video below, ABC News is calling the latest murder by police a “shoot out”.  Apparently, the mainstream media is “all in”. Nothing new there.  Doesn’t a “shoot out” imply that the Police and the alleged perpetrator were shooting back and forth?  Well, it doesn't look that way in the video at all. Please see for yourself.  It looks like, what seems to be a trend, aggressive cops shooting people that don't pose a threat. I've probably posted 4 or 5 of these stories myself in the last two months and in my gut I don't think this is a coincidence as Police Forces are arming themselves military style. 
It was only this week when parents in North Carolina called the police for help with their mentally ill son, and they murdered him in cold blood.  Before he shot the 18 year old, according to the parents the cop said, “we don’t have time for this”.
Have you forgotten about the forced colonoscopy of a U.S. citizen after a routine traffic stop just a few months ago? 
How about Dallas police last October that simply drive up to a home and shoot the man (to death)who lived there 4 times, whose hands are at his side, posing absolutely no threat? Neighbors caught it all on film. (here)
How about this incredulous one, also in November: "Cop Shoots Unarmed Woman To Death For Rolling Up Her Car Window" ?

Before this was the unarmed mother...with no priors, shot to death by officers in her car in D.C. her crime, having supposedly rammed a gate near the White House. There is this story of the father that as shot and killed as police tried to take custody of his son, serious questions remain. There was this one, "Woman Arrested, Stripped, & Jailed… For Forgetting To Pay Traffic Ticket.

Consider this insight from Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead:  

"Owing in large part to the militarization of local law enforcement agencies, not a week goes by without more reports of hair-raising incidents by police imbued with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a battlefield approach to the communities in which they serve. Sadly, it is no longer unusual to hear about incidents in which police shoot unarmed individuals first and ask questions later, such as the 16-year-old teenager who skipped school only to be shot by police after they mistook him for a fleeing burglar. Then there was the unarmed black man in Texas “who was pursued and shot in the back of the neck by Austin Police… after failing to properly identify himself and leaving the scene of an unrelated incident.” And who could forget the 19-year-old Seattle woman who was accidentally shot in the leg by police after she refused to show her hands? The lesson to be learned: this is what happens when you take a young man (or woman), raise him on a diet of violence, hype him up on the power of the gun in his holster and the superiority of his uniform, render him woefully ignorant of how to handle a situation without resorting to violence, train him well in military tactics but allow him to be illiterate about the Constitution, and never stress to him that he is to be a peacemaker and a peacekeeper, respectful of and subservient to the taxpayers, who are in fact his masters and employers."

Jeffrey Loeffers, writing over at Noisy Room made these observations

"I saw a promotion for a special report from a Spokane, WA news station, entitled: MAKING A BETTER COP and this shows young recruits getting nothing but militarized training. I saw no training on how to deal with different types of people, any constitutional studies or being community minded. Instead, it highlighted being a “solider cop” and that’s not the original intent of the average policeman.
Pat Grey, on the Glenn Beck show one day, talked about the Boise, ID police department and how they received one of those armored APCs in their small town! What the hell do small town cops need a tank for in farm country? We go back to South Carolina — not about their FEMA CAMPS, or those evil homeless people this time — but how they got an APC as well. However, this time it’s in U.N. BLUE! What the hell are they thinking? That no one would notice a light blue APC tank? Really?"

Yes really.  
And by the way, as a side note, don't you find the synchronicity of this interesting as coming to a theater near you is the new "RoboCop" movie in which the writers say, "This is the future of American Justice" 

Of course, compliance with the law has more aspects than just militarizing our local police forces and reckless, brutal and intimidating police work.  There is also, what has been called the "electronic concentration camp":

And of course, if "they" can train us, condition us to be good global citizen beforehand, gleefully watching our rights ebb away, then how much easier is it for them to rule over us?  Have you ever noticed the term "common core" sounds a lot like "communism at its core"?  

Why not just dumb us all down so that we don't even notice the violation of our rights?

Final thoughts. 
Excessive force by our local police does not end with their militarization either.  Today's "fusion centers" will integrate local police with Federal police, aka, Homeland Security and the rest of the alphabet Feds. Perhaps even the U.N.  
Again from Jeffrey Loeffers: 

"Well, DHS feels it doesn’t have enough people to handle us pesky American people who are armed and free. So they have these Fusion Centers, which in the long run will absorb any and all local police and sheriff’s departments. They will become a part of a larger picture to create a larger nationalized police force. So, I ask any law enforcement officer out there… will you just follow blindly and do what you are told, or will you turn in your badge and be the Oath Keeper you were meant to be and be the protector of the people that you really are? To the American people… if you think this won’t happen, think about it again. If one town gets a U.N. BLUE tank, what do you think is next for the DHS? Getting more and more help from the U.N. is on the itinerary and there are rampant rumors out there that people are running into Russian speaking men or troops around some towns."

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