I turned on the television towards the end of Obama's "State of the Union Address" and the first thing I heard him say was "Citizenship means standing up for everyone's right to vote". (What the Community Organizer-and-Chief means of course is no identification is necessary to vote, they can be legal or non legal, alive or deceased, just let them vote, preferably over and over again like they did in 2012, because voter fraud works so much easier like that)
He of course garnered a standing ovation from those in attendance, obviously dumbfounded at his brilliance.
Obama the millionaire, concluded the topic of citizens voting by speaking to the other millionaires in the room and said "Because it should be the power of our vote and not the size of our bank accounts that drives our democracy".
I threw up a little in my mouth at that point, but I was still okay, although not really ready for the next attack on our liberty, it too was a doozie.
The next topic was "gun violence" (code for, 'I am not stopping until the 2nd Amendment is so watered down that no American will be able to protect themselves unless the government fist says it okay') to which he said, "I INTEND TO KEEP TRYING WITH OR WITHOUT CONGRESS...." Immediately when his lips stopped and his act of tyranny was concluded, the good citizens in Congress stormed the Tyrant and he was immediately made a public spectacle of and then hauled off in handcuffs!!
Oh wait, that was just my fantasy, sorry.
Actually, our Congress, the people that were sworn into office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States stood up and applauded.
It was at that point, the room began to spin and everything went black...as my head began to explode.

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