78 Members of Congress Have Family Members As Lobbyists — Splitting $2 BILLION in Lobbying Contracts

Let's not forget these fun facts either: 
California Senator Feinstein's husband (I think it is safe to assume the good Senator is therefore reaping also) is making millions of dollars from the sell off of property belonging to the U.S. Post Office.
In 2008 Pelosi's was worth $13 million. In 2009 that jumped up to $21 million. In 2010 Pelosi was worth $35 million.  I don't know what she is worth now, but it probably didn't hurt that in 2011 Obama gave $737 million bucks to a solar company where Pelosi's brother-in-law just happened to be the number two in charge.
You probably also recall that Michelle O's Princeton classmate is an executive for the company that, just coincidentally won the no bid government contract to build the $638 billion Obamacare website that STILL doesn't work right. 
This is really just small beans and barely scratches the surface to the total amount of quid pro quos, insider trading and kickbacks that happens in the halls of Congress.  



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