Babies Are Murdered Here (Documentary)

"You know, on Wednesday's you will have 35 ladies that are here to kill their babies and the same thing a lot of times on Friday's and Monday's.  But typically it has been between ten and twenty a day with some days larger.  But here a couple of months ago they had 'free abortion day' here and there was over a hundred people here to have free abortions, yeah, in one day.  And one of the workers here told me that she was so sickened by it that she could feel Satan himself here on that day and that she had to leave at 86 babies being killed.  This truly is the gates of hell inside those white doors."  
- Orlando abortion protestor

"In Leviticus chapter 20, God made this amazing statement.  When a nation gives their seed to Moloch, and make no mistake about it, brothers, those death camps, those abortion mills, these are modern day altars of Moloch, altars of Baal. 

That is the biblical reality, and believe me that spirit is alive and well. 

What was the lie of Moloch?  The lie of Moloch to the children of Israel and to the pagan nation- 'you give that child to me, and all will be well with you'.  

'Give the child to me, and all is going to be well with you', don't you hear it? 

'You're too young sweetheart'.  'Think about your college'.  'Think about your career'.  'Think about stretch marks.' 

'Give the child to me, and all will be well with you.' 

And our nation has bought into it, hook, line and sinker."

Crown Rights Media

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