Debunking Bill Nye's Arguments (Video)

If you saw the Nye/Ham debates last week, I can only guess that Nye threw out at least one or two arguments that had you thinking to yourself, "I never thought about that".  No need to panic, the good folks at Answers in Genesis have provided answers to each and every argument that the "Science Guy" presented, but time simply didn't allow for much, or in some cases any elaboration or rebuttal.

It works like this.  First, go to this link:

Next, start watching the debate video.  You will notice that on the screen to the right of the video will appear links to topics being discussed at that point in the video presentation and continues as the debate moves along.

Last, pause the video at any point and click on any of the links to which you would like clarity or elaboration.  Voila!  

Great stuff, and a lasting resource!  -W.E.

Bill Nye Admits Deep-time Evolution is Wrong - His Own words! 


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