Extreme Demonic Manifestations on the Rise Worldwide

"The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is." 
- Revelation 17:8

Over the decades, satanic imagery, music and other types of programming have been conditioning America to accept as normal, worshiping Satan himself.
Demonic manifestations are now regularly on our television screens, on our computer monitors, in the music many are listening to, the movies, "art" and books that the American culture consumes are wreaking of a demonic influence.

This hellish influence on America is now manifesting in crimes across the nation, and around the world. The demonic realm is becoming more and more bold and more frequent in their manifestations.  Sadly, most American's are either blinded by the god of this age, or simply don't care, having already been properly deceived.
Demonic manifestations have been witnessed by millions, and often on some of America's largest stages like the Grammy Awards and the Superbowl, billed to this world as "entertainment".
This week is the bizarre story of the Indiana family who have claimed, along with witnesses of bodily possession of the mother and two children.  A policeman called to the home called their house a "portal to hell".  Around the world there are apparitions of what the faithful, including Muslims believe to be Mary. These manifestations are demonic deceptions, to which 
St.Paul taught us, and we would do well to remember that Satan himself manifests as an angel of light".  Perhaps that explains the deception of strange lights being seen in the skies as UFO's with increasing frequency worldwide. 
Speaking of "portals to hell", science may unwittingly (or wittingly as the case may be) in on the act as well.  The CERN project, which began as part of the U.N., many will recognize from the news more as the "god particle" project or Higgs boson, could be opening a doorway or portal to another dimension, some would argue, a demonic dimension.
CERN's Logo is three sixes intertwined-666- see video here
Some of the world's largest companies and conglomerates have the most interesting logo's, that are veiled in plain sight with the mysterious number of the Beast, 666.  Coincidence, or is the coming Beast of Revelation becoming more and more bold and his faithful followers proud to show their allegiance?



The sudden string of reports of cannibalism and other shocking violent crimes in the news is causing much discussion about the extreme demonic manifestations that are escalating worldwide.
Montreal, Canada
During the week of May 20th, Chinese university student Jun Lin, 33, was reported to be missing from his apartment in Montreal following a party.
Days later, a video appeared on the internet showing a naked and bound man believed to be Lin being murdered with an ice pick, then sexually abused and dismembered. The horror continued as the headquarters of the Canadian liberal and conservative parties soon received one of Lin’s hands and feet in the mail. Lin’s torso was also found in a suitcase in the trash outside of an apartment building. Police say that certain body parts are still missing.

Self-described porn star Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, was suspected to be behind the murders as the two were believed to be involved in a homosexual relationship. After a worldwide manhunt, authorities captured Magnotta Monday in Germany while he was sitting in a cafe reading news reports about himself.
Joppatowne, Maryland
On May 25th,  the father of 21-year-old college student Alexander Kinyua phoned police when he realized that Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodia, an African man who had been staying with the family, was missing from the home. The following night, Kinyua’s brother,
Jarrod, informed his father that he had found human remains inside of a container that was wrapped in a blanket in the laundry room. When his father went downstairs to investigate, he saw Alexander washing the container.
Upon being informed, police then searched the home and discovered the head and hands of Agyei-Kodia on the main floor. They also found parts of the man’s body in a dumpster at a nearby church. According to police, Kinyua admitted that he had consumed Agyei-Kodia’s heart and part of his brain.
Kinyua had been posting gory statuses on facebook in the months prior to the cannibalistic attack, including comments about “mass human sacrifices.”
Miami, Florida
The following day, May 26th, the Miami-Dade Police Department received a 911 call informing them that two men were fighting adjacent to a very busy highway, and that one of them had taken off his clothes. When police arrived, they found 31-year old Rudy Eugene naked and gnawing at the face of 65-year old Ronald Poppo.
When police realized what was happening, they ordered Eugene to back off of Poppo. Eye witnesses then state that Eugene looked at police “like a rabid dog” and refused to stop consuming the flesh of the other man.
Police then fired multiple shots at Eugene, who died on the scene. Poppo was taken to the hospital and was said to be so marred that he had “virtually no face.”
A close friend of Eugene’s told reporters, “Rudy was battling the devil.”
Hackensack, New Jersey
On Sunday, May 27th, Hacksensack police were called to the scene of what was reported to be a man slashing himself with a knife.
When they arrived at the home of Wayne Carter, 43, they found him with both a 12-inch knife and a hammer. Carter waved the weapons at the police and continued slashing himself.
Police attempted to subdue the crazed man with pepper spray, but to no avail. He began hurling pieces of his intestines and skin at the officers, at which point a SWAT team was called in for backup.
In the end, it took two cans of pepper spray in order to stop Carter from cutting himself. He was transported to the hospital and was last listed in critical condition.
Stockholm, Sweeden
Reports out of Sweeden state that a prominent researcher (whose name has not been released) recently cut off his wife’s lips and consumed them after he believed that she had been seeing another man. It is said that he told police that he ate her lips because he did not want them to be sewn back on.
Those who know the researcher stated that the cannibalistic attack was “honor-related,” and that he has no regrets about the matter.
The woman’s attorney, Ingela Hessius Ekman, explained that doctors are unsure if she can recover completely from the loss of her lips.
The man is scheduled to undergo psychiatric evaluation in advance of his trial.
The Rise of Demonic Activity
The reports have been alarming for many, who wonder what possessed these individuals to behave in such a depraved and barbaric manner. While there is talk that the events are a precursor to a “zombie apocalypse,” others are convinced that demonic activity is taking place and are pointing to Biblical accounts as parallels.
For instance, in Luke 8, a naked demon-possessed man came out to see Jesus, similar to the attack that happened in Miami. Matthew 17 also speaks of a boy that was oppressed of the devil, who would often throw himself into the fire and water.
“Satan and his legion of demons are possessing human beings in these end times,” said one man. “What you’re seeing is people who’ve opened up the door to these demons, and you’re seeing a manifestation of demons unprecedented.”
“This is a sure sign that the God Almighty’s great judgement is right around the corner,” wrote an online commentator, who identifies himself as Elijah. “The fact that there are so many similar stories, and becoming increasingly more and more common, is a definite sign that Hell has literally broken loose upon the earth.”
He pointed to Revelation 18:2, which states, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”
However, another commentator, Paul Begley, noted that while demonic manifestations are undoubtedly on the rise, similar situations have been unfolding in the months and years past as well. He pointed to a incident in April of this year when police reported to the scene of an attack where a naked man was tearing the clothes off another man and trying to bite his neck. He also cited a news story in 2009 when a Texas woman killed her newborn son and then ate part of his brain and three of his toes. She later told police that the devil made her do it. A homeless woman was also taken into custody last year for snatching a baby out of his stroller and trying to break off his arm, so that she could eat it.
Nonetheless, many are pinpointing these developments as being nothing short of satanic. Even Dr. Deborah Mash of the UM Brain Endowment Bank, who studies psychiatric conditions and their causes, recently explained to reporters that what is taking place is “absolutely bizarre, if not demonic, behavior.”
“This is not a ‘zombie apocalypse,’ but this is a demonic spirit,” one man declared. “There [are] demonic spirits at loose in the land.”

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