Obama Is Preparing the Military for Martial Law (Video)

Is this what a mosque looks like to the Army?
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On January 23rd 2014 the US Army part at the asymmetric warfare group had a ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorating the opening up of an urban warfare training facility the one hundred million dollar 300-acre facility is an extension of Fort AP Hill located outside of Bowling Green for Virginia.
According to the US Army press release the training facility will be used to train soldiers for urban warfare deployed in Middle Eastern locations 
The US Army described "Fake City" contains, according to their press release,"a mosque, a soccer stadium, a subway station complete was subway cars and a train station with the real rail cars.
But according to a video of the training facility this is not a replica of a foreign city this is a replica of an American city complete with american signs, with such attention to detail as a disabled parking placards.
According to insiders the subway even has a logo that's used in Washington DC.
The so-called "mosque" described in the press release is plainly an American church.
Why is the US Army lying about the purpose of this training facility? Why not admit that they're preparing to roam the streets of America? Because what their training for is illegal and treasonous.  
According to the Posse Comitatus Act the military is forbidden from taking on the police powers
of local and state police.  There is only one exception to this, when the President of the United States declares martial law.  
That can only mean one thing, Barack Hussein Obama is anticipating some cataclysmic event that will require a declaration of martial law. 

Mock Train Station at the Assymetric Warfare Training Center at Fort A.P. Hill

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