Alinsky On A Grand Scale: Obama, Putin Show in Living Color (Video)

"After my election", Obama whispered on a hot mic to then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, "I will have more flexibility".  To which Medvedev, another fake leader replied, "I understand, I will transmit this information to Vladmir".  
What, had you forgot that they've worked together before?   
Let us not then also forget that it was Obama that backed out of an agreement with our allies in Poland and the Czech Republic to provide missile defense, all for the sake of Mother Russia.  That missile shield in Poland would likely sufficed for the Ukraine as the two border each other, and Vladimir wanted nothing to do with it.

America has fostered another uprising and removed another President, this time a supposed ally...for the sake of Russia and Vladimir once again.  I am sure the elite are quite proud of their Manchurian candidate.  
The rest is all for show. 
Perhaps this latest coup will make them feel better about themselves for not being able to remove Syria's Assad as planned.
No discussion and certainly scant amounts of indignation in the "conservative" mainstream news media, just business as usual (brought to you by the CIA and Barack Obama, our fake President).
We out did ourselves this time in taking out an allies leader and in the process, working hand in glove with Putin.
The regime is now in the process of spraying tough talk rhetoric to the adoring lap dog media to cover its grubby tracks.   -W.E.

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