Ted Cruz Nails it at CPAC “Morning in America” (Video)

"The stakes in this country have never been higher.  You are here because you understand our country is at a crisis point, our country is at the edge of a cliff, liberty is under assault."  

Another inspiring speech by another beloved politician.  His analysis and his ideas are right of course. Most if not all of them we hear every election cycle, meanwhile, things get worse and worse. 
The question remains, is it too late? Are we too far gone? Is the corruption and the immorality not only in government, but throughout the land irreversible? Are we going the way of Rome? 
I know this much, without heavens help, and our desire to put Him first...no political speech no matter how heartfelt and true will change a single thing.  
Change in America will start not from a speech and not from the ballot box, but from our knees, contrite and humble.


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