The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (VIDEO)

"They want workers.  They want worker bees, they don't want intelligent people who will, if you know what is going on, you might do something about it. They don't want individualists they want collectivists. They want people that can be dictated to, that can be moved around, slavery basically.  It is definitely the plan."

"This is not new, it's been planned ever since the beginning of the last century.  Funded by the Moft Foundation.  Now all the other foundations are into it too. This is the long term plan that very little people know about it."

- Former US Dept. of Education Senior Policy Advisor and Whistleblower, Charlette Iserbyt


In this video Luke Rudkowski speaks with Department of Education whistleblower Charlette Iserbyt about the deliberate dumbing down of America. The former US Department of Education Senior Policy Advisor suggests that the our educational system is not based upon children learning. Is the Carnegie foundation instrumental in developing a socialist-collectivist style educational system that is detrimental to our youth? Are the elites impacting the development of the general population through our school systems?

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