World Bank WhistleBlower Exposes the Global Puppet Masters (Illuminati), the Biblical Nephilim (Seed of the Serpent) at the Core of the Illuminati!

In an article I blogged about (and still highly recommend) entitled "World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Reveals How The Global Elite Rule The World" I was then introduced by this enthralling woman who spoke words of validation regarding the mere fact that there are an elite that are ruling the world, and it isn't Barack Obama.  I commented in that article that although I found Hudes "refreshing" I also found her naive.  In this more recent interview I again found her interesting, and once again theologically naive and likely influenced by New Age information.  But I do believe the big picture of what she says here, at the top of the NWO ladder are entities that are not human.  No, not at all.

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To all those who insists I am wrong about the Nephilim, the seed of the serpent, the Satanic bloodlines at the heart of the Satanic cabal ruling the world, listen to what Karen Hudes, Ex. World Bank lawyer, whistleblower has to say:
Quotes from 2 minutes 10 seconds onwards: (Emphasis mine)
“the elite, secret societies .. the Vatican .. they are traitors to humanity! … the one at the very core that’s pulling the strings is a different species! They’re not the human race! They’re called ‘homo-compenses’! They have been on earth together with humanity for before this ice age … “
“One of the people in that (whistleblower) network is a neurologist who went to Yale medical school. … He was trying to find out what was at the very core of this corruption. [Question:] You mentioned this species, additional species of humans .. [Answer:] No they’re not human. They are so distinct from humans that if they were to mate with humans their offspring would not be fertile!”

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