AMERICAN FREE FALL: Stealing Land, Stealing Elections, Stealing Children, "Just Going Crazy" (Video)

Stealing land. Stealing elections. Stealing children.

You really don't need much more than this to see that America is a nation in a FREE FALL. 
You don't really need much more than this to see what tyranny looks like in America.

Three examples are highlighted in this video clip with Mike Huckabee showing what is really a microcosm of the thuggery of the Progressive's, and what power hungry thugs they truly are.

Obama's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are intimidating citizens whose land they stole and even threatening to kill them over state land that the FEDS have deemed there own, as an excuse to "protect" a tortoise. 

Barry Soetoro, the POTUS who ironically still has shown no proper I.D. himself, is apparently gearing up for the Democrats to steal another election by allowing dead people and illegal immigrants to vote, spoke at an "Al Sharpton event" where he blatantly lied that voter fraud does not exist. 
Barry said, "Let's be clear.  The real voter fraud is people who try to deny our rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud". This man simply lies with impunity, time and time again.

Not to be outdone by the Feds, the Massachusetts State Government has literally kidnapped Justina Pelletier, the young 15 year old girl who went to the hospital with the flu and four days later her parents, to their horror, actually lost custody of their daughter to the hospital.  This might be an instance where many citizens would actually be okay with the FEDS stepping in and restoring some sanity for this tortured family. But no, the Progressive's in Massachusetts are of course in lockstep with the Progressive's in the Federal Government; they condone the government's rule over that of The People.  

There is a word for this, it's called COMMUNISM.  

 Mass Tea Party