Suddenly, it’s 1947

Declaration of State of Israel – 1948

"US Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to overcome the controversy surrounding the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state by changing the definition to “the national homeland of the Jews”, the London-based Arabic Al-Hayat newspaper reported Saturday morning.
The report, that quoted western diplomatic sources, noted that in exchange for Kerry’s initiative, the Palestinians would have to agree that the Palestinian capital would be established only in parts of East Jerusalem; it was further reported that the Palestinians have rejected the proposal."
Suddenly, it’s 1947. Or 1920. The nations still can’t decide if the Jewish people deserve a state, or something less than one. I’m sure I don’t understand the difference between a “Jewish state” and a “national homeland of the Jews,” and I’m not going to speculate. Israel is a state, and a lot of Jewish blood was spilled to make it so.

"This, actually, is what brought it into being, not  the “international community,” the declaration of Lord Balfour or the decisions of various world powers, the League of Nations or the UN."
Today, because of a combination of cowardice, avarice and Jew-hatred, the nations would like to take back any commitments they may have made to the Jews. But the Jewish state rests on its own accomplishments and struggles, not on their acquiescence.
So let them try. Those who say that the Palestinians ought not to be required to recognize Israel as a Jewish state are correct. Who are we to take away the Cause that is their reason for being? On the other hand, who are they to say that we ought to give away parts of our homeland to our enemies?

"More, who are they to say that Israel should release murderers so that these same Palestinians will agree to continue talking, when so far all they have talked about is how we should give up everything we won with the aforesaid Jewish blood?"
There is a Jewish state because the Jews rose up and threw out the British, who had even then gone back on their commitment to nurture a Jewish homeland, and who condemned thousands, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands, of European Jews to death at the hands of the Nazis by their policies. After that, the Jews had to fight wars and terrorism waged by the Arab nations, whose ethnic and religious prejudice made a Jewish state in the Middle East unacceptable to them.
But they will have to accept it, like it or not. And we don’t have to pretend that their motives are anything other than primitive prejudice.
Recently I had a discussion with a visitor from Mars. He said that he found it difficult to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It went like this:
VFM: What do the Israelis want? Me: They want the Palestinians to stop trying to kill them. In return, they will give them some of their very small homeland for a new Arab state. But they can’t get the Palestinians to agree to take it.
VFM: The Palestinians want a state, and the Israelis want to give it to them? But why won’t the Palestinians take it? Me: Because they won’t take it unless the Israelis agree that the part that they don’t give them belongs to the Palestinians too.
VFM: That doesn’t sound fair. I suppose the Palestinians must be very powerful in order to demand so much. Me: No, actually Israel is much stronger militarily and economically.
VFM: Then what’s the point in talking to them? Me: Ask John Kerry.
Bee’s note:
As we sat on the sidelines, watching the “Peace” talks between the PLO/PA’s and Israel these past ten months, it was clear that the talks would eventually fail due to the consistent warnings and threats by Abbas, along with the West’s demands that the talks rested on Israel’s cooperation to release PA’s terrorists from its prisons, thus appeasing Fatah’s thirst for blood (the blood of Jews by their own hands).  Yesterday, few were shocked when Kerry had to cancel a meeting with Abbas, since Abbas threw caution to the winds and decided to go to the UN   It is Abbas who ended negotiations; after all, he has received 100 of his Arab Palestinian prisoners released.  His intentions are revealed in the video posted yesterday (here on this blog).  It was Abbas who breached the conditions of the “peace” talks.
This should be an example that talks of peace cannot be held with TERRORISTS, who’s sole intentions is to murder your citizens, while stealing your land.

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