Yellowstone RISES 2 Inches in 4 Months! Two 6.0M Earthquakes Hit E. Pacific + Oklahoma Swarming

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April 10, 2014
Within minutes of each other, a 6.2M earthquake strikes Nicaragua , then a 6.0M strikes Chile.  Epicenters over 2,500 miles apart, reacting within minutes of each others movement.
chile nicaragua
April 10, 2014 — Back to back 6.0M+ earthquakes strike the East Pacific (Nicaragua and Chile)

This new back to back 6.0M+ movement is a sign of major stress occurring along the edge of the Pacific Plate.
Three days ago, on April 7th … we saw deep earthquakes occurring around the whole of the Pacific plate..  all occurring at a depth of roughly 300 miles (in the Asthenosphere of the Earth’s mantle).
Particularly , I made note of a rather rare deep earthquake in Brazil.
The deep movement led me to warn for an earthquake watch in the area NW of the Brazil event.
Now the area just NW of the Brazil event,  Nicaragua, receives a 6.2M , immediately after this we see a 6.0M strike Chile.
mantle quakes april 7 2014
Earthquakes occurring at a deep level (inside the Asthenosphere of the mantle) on April 7, 2014
Here is the post from April 7, 2014 warning to watch NW of Brazil:
titled  “Deep Earth MANTLE Earthquakes — entire Pacific Plate in flux”
Current stats on the 6.2M in Nicaragua:
Chile 6.0M
Also, worthy to note the 4.2M earthquake which occurred along the western edge of the Yellowstone magma chamber (in Idaho), and the MULTIPLE 4.2M earthquakes which occurred in Oklahoma — all happening over the past 7 days (up to April 10, 2014).
earthquakes craton april 10 2014
Compare the earthquakes greater than 4.0M occurring in the US to the diagram of the North American Craton. Clearly the Western and Southern edges of the craton are in flux currently

Again, proof there are major stress points building around the Pacific plate.  Pressure being placed from the WEST on the North and South American cratons (plates).
Pressure from the West, pushing southeast, causing earthquakes along the edge of the North American craton at areas such as Yellowstone, and the fracking operations in Oklahoma.
The numbers do not lie.  Yellowstone has RISEN 2 inches, and been pressed 0.5 inches SOUTHEAST in the past 4 months!
GPS measurements of the area surrounding Yellowstone. Showing a near 2 inch rise since New Years .. movement of up to 45mm (possibly as high as 55mm) if if you count the full past 6 months (up to April 10, 2014)

At the same time Yellowstone is being pressed , during the same 4 month time period literally — Oklahoma is having a massive ‘unexplained’ fracking earthquake swarm.  (along the south edge of the craton being pressed from the NW)
Here is a .kml for google Earth, from the State of Oklahoma, showing the Earthquakes for 2014 (from Jan 1 , to April 10 — past 4 months):
2014 earthquakes total oklahoma USGS
Oklahoma geologic survey provides a Google Earth .kml file listing all the 2014 earthquakes (past 4 months up to April 10, 2014) — literally over 500 events on the map

Here’s a list over the past 7 days up to April 10, 2014… the word “excessive” doesn’t really cover it…

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