Benghazi Scandal: NBC, CBS Ignore Benghazi Hearing; ABC Gives It 46 Seconds

Reprehensible is not a strong enough word for the actions of the traitors involved in this crime, from Obama down. 
The Constitutional right of "freedom of the press" was not bestowed upon America so that one group of extremists (Progressives) would secretly take over the press in order to further their anti American agenda. And this is exactly what has happened. 
It is a well known fact that over 80% of Journalists vote Democratic.  Do you really think this isn't by design?  Follow the money and who owns the media.
The fact that the mainstream news media, with the exception of some on staff at Fox News, report almost NOTHING regarding Benghazi is an indication of how corrupt the media is, constantly propping up the Obama regime, by turning a blind eye to the truth of what Obama and the rest of the Progressive's are really all about. -W.E.

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