Man Attempts To Hug a Wild Lion, What Happens Next Stunned Me (Video)

You are going to want to turn select "full screen" for this one! -W.E.


Kevin Richardson is a South African zookeeper renowned for being so intimate with lions that he has been accepted into several prides. You will not believe your eyes…
The poaching of lions is at critical levels, South Africa is supplying considerable volumes of lion bones to India and China. Lion bones are being used as substitutes for tiger bone potions, and bones from wild lions are considered more effective than those bred in captivity. It is actually legal to sell bones from a lion. and many are being harvested as a by-product from the ‘Canned Lion Hunting’ – that said, how do you differentiate between captive lions and wild lions. What is clear is that already there is a fair amount of lions being smuggled from the wild into captivity which is highly illegal. In China, lion bones are soaked in rice wine, whereas in India the bones are made into a “paste” with added ingredients like herbs (some reports say opium is also mixed in). The paste is then also dissolved in rice wine and sold as tonics to treat a variety of ailments. Demand is rising… The lion is literally running out of time! A recent report found that half of Africa’s wild lion populations will approach extinction in the next 20-40 years. What is being done…the game parks have increased security as part of a number of anti poaching measures, this has reduced the numbers of snares set in the bush, and more snare victims are being saved from a terrible fate.

 It really is amazing how this man has been accepted by these lions. His passion is overwhelming and the obvious comfort he has spending time with them.

If you would like a chance to work with these remarkable predators there are volunteering programs offering the opportunity to work closely with Kevin Richardson’s team. For more information on the volunteer program e-mail

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