Watters' World - Harlem Edition On NBA Controversy

I appreciated this "man on the street" interview because it shows the distinction from what the media hypes as White vs. Black, and what is the reality.   The reality is, people are people, skin color aside.  We all bleed red. We love our families and want to protect what is ours.  We understand that no one is perfect, especially ourselves and therefore we find it easy, to one degree or another to extend grace to each other.   
This isn't the narrative in the national media by people like Sharpton, like Jackson, like the extreme propagandists at MSNBC or like the NAACP who cry "racism" in order to line their own pockets.  Of course, even their greed and lust for power isn't unique to them but rather sin is just another commonality among men that prove our humanity, and our most desperate need to be restored to our Creator. 

Mass Tea Party

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