Sen. Rand Paul: The US Has Been Arming ISIS in Syria

ISIS militants leading away captured Iraqi soldiers

Let me be careful how I word this lest anyone think I am not in complete support of our troops. 
Under our military's top leader, the Commander-and-Chief B. Hussein Obama, we have been arming terrorist organizations including al Qaeda and its offshoots such as ISIS.  Not only in Syria, but also in Libya and this is ultimately what is behind the whole Benghazi cover up.  Also under B. Hussein Obama, many of our top military leaders have been purged from their commands.  Simultaneously, in order to politicize and confuse our military, (Cloward and Piven tactics 101) the military has been busy catering to gays and showing extreme hostility to Christians in the military and of course with Congress' support cutting military benefits, and the overall defense budget drastically.   Yes, I support our troops who are caught in the middle of Obama's coup de'tat that is empowering Muslims and their goals of global conquest via the Caliphate, but under this regime, the U.S. military is no longer the "good guys" that we have been throughout much of the history of our nation, fighting for liberty and freedom even when at times we have gotten off track.  We are now not only "off track" but becoming the very locomotive barreling down the tracks as a nation that empowers the enemy jihadists. In some respects, B. Hussein Obama's military has become the enemy, and I am concerned for the children of this nation like never before. 


Sunday Morning on CNN’s State of the Union Rand Paul accused the Obama administration for arming ISIS rebels in Syria.
Earlier this month National Security Adviser Susan Rice admitted the Obama administration was arming rebels in Syria.
The Hill reported:
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Sunday that the Sunni militants taking over Iraq have quickly gained power because the United States has armed their group in Syria.
“I think we have to understand first how we got here,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “We have been arming [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] ISIS in Syria.”
ISIS, an al Qaeda offshoot, has been collaborating with the Syrian rebels whom the Obama administration has been arming in their efforts to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Paul explained.
The administration has reportedly assisted the moderate opposition in Syria, but details about the dissemination of those resources are unclear.

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